IIBEC Members’ Services

The Roles of Roofing, Waterproofing, Exterior Wall Consultants, and Quality Assurance Observers

IIBEC’s Consultant Membership includes over 1800 skilled individuals whose specialties include designing, repairing and managing roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall systems. Many also specialize in forensic investigation, expert witness testimony, and construction document preparation.

IIBEC Consultant Members operate without conflict of interest and are not connected with any manufacturer or product. They strive to be unbiased and are governed by an established code of ethics. IIBEC Consultant members keep a working knowledge of the latest industry technologies and methodologies. They are committed to maintaining annual requirements for continuing education.

Roof Consultants & Roofing Quality Assurance Observers

Roof consultants plan roof design solutions, perform evaluations of existing roofs, prepare construction documents, perform forensic inspections, monitor construction, and serve as expert witnesses. Roof consultants possess a broad base of practical knowledge about the roofing industry at large. Many choose to focus their work and become experts on specific roof types and materials.

Roofing Quality Assurance Observers monitor the construction process. They strive to make sure the roof is built to specification and in accordance with contract documents. They work to assure proper application procedures are followed and that criteria for validation of manufacturer’s warranties are met.

Waterproofing Consultants

Water penetration can come from many sources, both above and below-grade. Many IIBEC members are expert waterproofing system specifiers. They understand the nature of moisture and are skilled at locating existing system weakness and know how to apply appropriate waterproofing measures.

Exterior Wall Consultants

As construction consultants, IIBEC Consultant Members understand that to solve a building enclosure failure, one needs a comprehensive understanding of each building component and its relation to the whole. Often, a building component may fail as the result of many seemingly unrelated factors. IIBEC Consultant Members understand this interactivity and often assist building owners with new building design and remediation of older constructions.

Search For An IIBEC Member


A search through the IIBEC member directory will help you locate and contact an IIBEC professional in your area. IIBEC Members classified as Consultants (C) are professional consultants who can assist you with your building enclsoure-related issue.

In the directory, members’ areas of preferred practice are further classified by the following service codes:

A = Roof Consulting | B = Waterproofing Consulting | C = Exterior Wall Consulting | D = Material Testing | E = Witness/Legal Involvement | F = Contracting | G = Manufacturing | H = Material Sales | I = Education | J = Specifying | L = Property Management | M = Residential | N = Inspections