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How History and the Census are Impacting Biden’s Infrastructure Proposal

May 10, 2021

Two factors beyond the control of any one person could potentially upend President Biden’s $4.1 trillion infrastructure proposal: history and the census results. Succinctly stated, history shows that the president’s party usually suffers losses in the mid-term elections for a variety of reasons, and the census results, according to respected campaign watchers, could easily shift […]

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IIBEC Leaders Defend QBS And Urge Opposition to Illinois State Legislation

April 28, 2021

IIBEC is opposing legislation in Illinois that would change procurement laws including the selection of design professionals. Last week, a letter was sent in support of Qualification Based Selection (QBS) of design services and in opposition of Illinois House Bill 680.  Brian Pallasch, IIBEC CEO and executive vice president, was joined by Charles Sietmann, RRO, […]

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