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May/June 2022 President’s Message: How to Overcome Barriers to Joining Our Community

May 04, 2022

When I started think­ing about this month’s column, I jotted down some notes about what happens in May. Spring is in full swing for most of us. There’s Mother’s Day. And, of course, it’s the peak time for graduations. As members of the class of 2022 receive their degrees and enter the work­force, this is a moment of opportunity for them and for building enclosure professionals.

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March 2022 President’s Message: “Stardate March 731, 2020”

March 03, 2022

By Ted Sheridan, RBEC, RRC, REWC, RWC, PEng, President On the list of things I have in common with IIBEC immediate past president Scott Hinesley, the only one I regret is this: that my term as IIBEC president has started and ended under the cloud of COVID-19. Scott, along with Bob Card, Mike Clark, and […]

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November/December 2021 President’s Message: Supply-Chain Blues

November 01, 2021

I am writing this President’s Message on the day of my 26th wedding anniversary, quite unbeknownst to my wife, Karen. Like many of my domestic duties, I’m also late with the IIBEC deliverables this month, and have probably failed my chance to make a good first impression on Christian Hamaker, IIBEC’s new Director of Publications […]

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October 2021 President’s Message: NFTs and BFFs

October 08, 2021

As I write this, the 2021 IIBEC International Convention and Trade Show is rapidly approaching, and my thoughts have turned reflective, as they have many times over the past year. I’ve had many discussions with IIBEC members and others over the past few months, trying to understand why being together, face to face, seems so […]

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Being Resilient

September 01, 2021

Resilient is one of those suddenly rediscovered adjectives in our vocabulary that has found use in a number of contexts. The Oxford English Dictionary definition of resilient is “able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions” or “able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.” In the building […]

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August 2021 President’s Message: Involuntary Yoga

August 09, 2021

As I write this message in late June 2021, the announcement has just gone live that registration is open for the IIBEC Annual Convention and Trade Show, being held this year in Phoenix, Arizona, from September 15 to 20 (see the event preview on p. 8). Many of us are starting to work out the […]

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June 2021 President’s Message: Those “Aha!” Moments

June 01, 2021

Right now, at my workplace in Ottawa, ON, we have a high school student with us, learning about working in an engineering office. When initially asked by the course teacher whether we would be open to hosting this student-learning experience, the branch manager and I looked at each other and frowned. We were not sure […]

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