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IIBEC Live Webinar – Lightning Protection Systems: Understanding the Process from Start to Finish

IIBEC Live Webinar – Lightning Protection Systems: Understanding the Process from Start to Finish



  • * I’ve arrived at a reroofing project—and a lightning protection system already exists. What steps should I       follow?
  • * I’m working on a specification for a lightning protection system—can you help?
  • * Who should install and inspect a lightning protection system?

Come get the answers to these questions and more.

Lightning protection systems protect a building from structural damage, physical harm to individuals inside, and destruction of the electrical and electronic infrastructure. This course will provide the knowledge to clearly discuss the proper way to outline and conduct the specification, installation, and inspection of a lightning protection system.



  1. Understand the impact of a lightning strike on a building’s structure and electronic infrastructure.
  2. Identify key factors that determine the need for lightning protection systems or risk assessment on a new or existing building.
  3. Outline the lightning protection system’s installation process from start to finish on new roofs or reroofs to collaborate with building enclosure team members: roofing consultants, engineers, and architects.
  4. Gain a clear understanding of a lightning protection system’s main components and installation process by certified lightning protection professionals.
  5. Summarize and emphasize the importance of inspection by a third-party inspector to ensure proper operation of the system for their building owner.


Tim Harger, Executive Director

Harger is an industry expert with an entrepreneurial spirit. For over 35 years, he has engaged in all aspects of the lightning protection industry: manufacturing, installation, and inspection. With these diverse experiences, he developed a vision of growth for the lightning protection industry that involves high standards, education, and partnerships. Harger’s desire to maintain high standards comes from his involvement with ANSI accreditation and the ISO certification processes. Furthermore, he understands the value of partnerships to gain different perspectives and to learn best practices, which can be seen in his involvement in the NFPA 780 Committee and industry associations such AIA and IIBEC. Hager holds a bachelor of science in industrial technology from Iowa State University. He also is a certified LPI Master Installer Designer. He has served as the executive director of the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) for just over two years and has been the program manager for the LPI-IP, which is the industry’s third-party inspection program, for over 10 years. 


Kelley Collins, Director of Business Development and Communications

Collins has been immersed in the science and technology industries for over 25 years, with diverse roles such as executive management, marketing, sales, and consulting. She was intrigued with the science and the opportunity for growth in the lightning protection industry and joined LPI just over two years ago. Currently, Collins works with the LPI developing strategy, partnerships, and communication to support the expansion and awareness of the lightning protection industry. She attended the University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business with a degree in management and marketing. She holds a master’s in business management and organizational behavior from Benedictine University and two professional certificates: organizational development and management in a technical environment. She is also the co-developer and instructor for the science communication program for PhD students at Northwestern University.

Program Cost: Members: $45 | Nonmembers: $65

Educational Credits: IIBEC: 1 CEHs | AIA: 1 LUs (including HSW credit)

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET


The event is finished.


Sep 21 2022


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


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