IIBEC New England Chapter: Changes in Code and their Impact on Roofing Resilience

IIBEC New England Chapter: Changes in Code and their Impact on Roofing Resilience


The Building Code has two seemingly different sides to it. On one hand it is a fortress of accepted standards and practices in construction. On the other it is a dynamically flexible set of documents that must continually adapt to a changing world with respect to weather, human activity, cultural expectations, safety, risk tolerance and economics.  The roofing industry has had to adjust to both sets of competing forces in order to fulfill the trend toward resilience in buildings and communities.  Newer editions of the building code provide challenges to specifiers, contractors and building owners who must strive to stay abreast of ever-changing demands and criteria.



Develop an understanding to some of the recent changes to code that may increase the resilience of roofing systems.


Understanding some of the methods for performance based design methodology and how it might begin to be implemented into roofing design.


Recognize areas where industry best practices can be utilized to improve the as-built quality of a roofing system.


Credits: 1.0 CEH/ LU Hour                              



Ryan Van Wert, Director of Engineering at Duro-Last Inc.

Ryan VanWert

Ryan VanWert has been with Duro-Last since December of 2017. As the Director of Engineering with Duro-Last he has an active role in the roofing industry. This includes taking part in industry organizations and events such as SPRI, IIBEC, IRE, SIGDERS as well as the Duro-Last National Sales Seminar. Prior to joining Duro-Last, Ryan was working in the structural design world after completing a Master of Civil Engineering degree, Structural Engineering, from Norwich University. His undergraduate degree is in construction management, and was working in the construction industry performing building inspections, mold inspections, and energy audits. He has been professionally in the construction industry since 2006, and brings a wide perspective of technical knowledge and expertise.








Apr 29 2021


3:0 PM - 4:0 PM
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