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IIBEC offers a wide array of professional enrichment opportunities for those seeking to advance their skills or further develop their involvement as a working building envelope consultant.

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IIBEC committees, industry liaisons, and professional staff maintain and further the association’s efforts to promote and grow the practice of building envelope consulting throughout the construction community and to consumers of roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall consulting services. Read more about IIBEC’s advocacy efforts.

IIBEC Region MapIIBEC Affiliated Chapters are individual organizations that operate under the banner of the IIBEC international association — each with their own board of directors. Chapters are locally-oriented groups serving members’ needs in many of North America’s larger metropolitan areas. Read more about IIBEC Affiliated Chapters.

IIBEC Regions encompass multi-state geographical areas. Each region is administered by an IIBEC Region Director who is a member of the IIBEC Board of Directors. Regularly scheduled regional meetings allow members to share ideas and discuss issues unique to their Region. Read more about IIBEC Regions.

Committee involvement offers members an active means to lend their voice to guiding and shaping the direction of the association and its involvement within the industry. Contact an IIBEC Committee Chair and start your participation today

The annual Document Competition offers members a venue for friendly competition and a means to showcase their skills as designers and construction document writers. Categories include: Reports, Small Projects (<$1,000,000), and Large Projects (>$1,000,000). Read about how to participate in the IIBEC Document Competition.

educator-smIIBEC offers a variety of educational courses and seminars throughout the year in the U.S. and Canada. These programs focus on all aspects or design or maintenance of building enclosures. Seminar material is continually updated with the latest technology and industry practices and custom tailored to U.S or Canadian regions. Courses are taught by IIBEC professional staff or IIBEC-trained volunteers with years of in-the-field experience and a wealth of expertise. Courses are available in two primary formats: on-site or online.

The Emerging Professionals program was created to help mentor the next generation of building envelope consultants. A committee of Professional members stands at the ready to advise budding building envelope consultants on how to progress on their path to professional proficiency.

IIBEC educational programs tagged as “EP” include content identified as likely to be particularly insightful for “Emerging Professionals” or for those newly developing a building envelope consulting career.

Whether you’re a building envelope professional newly set on your career path or a seasoned veteran with years of wisdom to share, you can learn more by contacting the Emerging Professionals Committee.

job-search-smThe demand for roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall consulting  services continues to rise.  Firms are facing challenges in locating qualified professionals to fulfill needed functions. A visit to the IIBEC Jobs Board can help connect employers and talented individuals with needed opportunities. Read the list of available building envelope profession job openings.  Place an advertisement of employment opportunities.

In recognition of past and present contributions by vanguard and contemporary members, IIBEC presents the following awards to those of meritorious effort: Herbert Busching Award, William C. Correll Award, Michael DeFrancesco Award, Richard M. Horowitz Memorial Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Jury of Fellows is a society of esteemed members who have been bestowed the title of Fellow, an honorary title bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary service to the association.

The IIBEC Manual of Practice is designed to be a standard for practitioners performing roof, exterior wall, and waterproofing consulting and quality assurance functions.

The IIBEC Manual of Practice is intended to provide a peer-reviewed structure for the practice of consulting in the construction of the building envelope. In simple terms, it describes what a professional consultant does and how the consultant does it. It is recognized that consultants may utilize professional judgment as the basis for modifying the procedures presented in this manual.

IIBEC offers members a diverse set of opportunities for professional enrichment. Become a contributor and industry leader helping to aid the growth of knowledge within the industry. Learn about publishing and speaking opportunities with IIBEC.

interface-coverIIBEC Interface, the technical/trade publication of IIBEC, Inc., is published eleven times per year. IIBEC Interface informs readers with technical articles, project profiles, and industry news.

It is the intent that IIBEC Interface educate and inform, establish a common ground for discussion, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and technical knowledge.

The NewsFeed is the association’s Web-based member newsletter. It serves as a medium for informing members of the latest developments in the member programs and, regional, and chapter happenings.

A hard copy membership handbook is distributed annually to all IIBEC members.  The book comprehensively details all IIBEC programs and services for quick reference.

be-prosRecognizing the need for qualifications and standards in a largely unregulated industry, IIBEC has developed five highly-regarded registration programs. Building envelope professionals can establish their credentials through the Registered Roof Consultant (RRC®), Registered Waterproofing Consultant (RWC®), Registered Exterior Wall Consultant (REWC®)Registered Roof Observer (RRO®), and Registered Exterior Wall Consultant (REWO®) programs.

Each title is representative of individuals with a high level of competence, experience, and ethics, as well as a commitment to continuing education. All IIBEC registrations require applicants to pass an application process and achieve satisfactory performance on examination.

IIBEC issues Policy Statements in the forms of Position Statements and Technical Advisories. Policy Statements represent IIBEC’s informed views, opinions, and core priorities. They are released by the association to policy-makers, the public, and the construction industry on issues of public policy affecting the membership, consulting practice, and IIBEC. Read and understand IIBEC’s Position Statements and Technical Advisories.

Need help finding an answer to a technical problem? Do you need someone to point you in the right direction or just some additional professional insight? IIBEC Technical Services Directors can assist you. Contact the IIBEC Directors of Technical Services.

rcifsThe RCI-IIBEC Foundation and RCI Foundation Canada are 501(c)(3) organizations focus on financially supporting activities that advance knowledge in the building industry. These projects may take the form of publications, educational programs, or research.

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