Butterfly Building Spreads Wings Over Green Valley

May 15, 2004

January 2004 Interface • 17
If one looks from the sky over Green Valley, Arizona,
one may see a white butterfly with red highlights (see
cover photo). The Silver Springs butterfly took flight
in April of 2003 through extensive work to rectify roof
problems on the building, constructed only four years
earlier. Non-compliance in initial construction is a universal
concern for the roofing industry, and this structure is
another example of large projects that do not get needed
advice from roof consultants.
Silver Springs Assisted Living & Retirement Community’s
flat roof system, built in 1999, consisted of a four-ply hot
mop with an SBS 90-lb. granulated capsheet and San
Antonio Clay Tiles. It had serious problems from day one.
Donna Jacobs, executive director at the eight-acre complex,
noted the average age of the residents was 84. “We were
looking forward to enjoying a monsoon season without having
to put out the buckets!”
So when the original contractor was unable to fix the
problems, Baird & Sacks Roof Consulting, LLC, of
Tucson was contacted
in April of 2003 to rectify the situation. All Weather Flat
Roof Specialists and Oracle Roof Maintenance were named
as contractors.
Proper flashing of penetrations such as chimneys, skylights,
plumbing, and venting was addressed for proper
water migration (See photo above). Correct valley flashing,
critical for proper watershedding, was accomplished.
Attention was paid to proper securement of tile, application
of adhesives, and restoration of the underlayment. Oracle
Roof Maintenance corrected a myriad of mistakes and sealed
suspect areas on the 100,000 square feet of clay
tile (See photo at left). All Weather repaired roof
leaks with Henry 208R and fiberglass membrane
and addressed all penetrations prior to applying
high-pressure hot water organic etching wash.
BRS Snowflex coating was applied to the
150,000-square-foot flat portion of the roof.
The final project was completed on time,
within budget, and without safety violations,
according to Tim Cowan, executive director at
Silver Springs. Crews worked with minimal disruption
to the elderly residents. ■
Richard Sacks, co-owner with William
Baird of Baird & Sacks Roof Consulting,
Tucson, AZ, is a member of RCI. The firm
specializes in challenges created by poor
construction and maintenance.
Countless mistakes on the 100,000 square
feet of clay tile were repaired.
Proper flashing around penetrations was an important part of
the repair project.