Roof Drainage – Second Edition

May 15, 2021

According to Patterson and Dr. Mehta, “In this edition, we are responding to an unprecedented change in roof drainage design from what has been used for more than a half century. Until recently, the plumbing codes assumed that the flow through a roof drain is the same as the flow through a vertical leader of the same diameter. Several investigations and roof-collapse forensics have shown that our assumption has been incorrect.”

“This monograph has been written as a textbook to serve all three disciplines—architecture, plumbing engineering, and structural engineering,” said Dr. Mehta. “We have learned a great deal since the 2003 publication and have incorporated it into this book.”

Over 150 Pages | Secured Smart PDF Format or Printed Edition | Comprehensive Second – Edition Publication – published 2021


Stephen Patterson, P.E., R.R.C. | Roof Technical Services, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

Madan Mehta, P.E., Ph.D. | Professor of Architecture, University of Texas at Arlington


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