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IIBEC Technical Advisory No. 020-2021: Roof Covering Systems and New Concrete Roof Decks

August 11, 2021

Roof membrane and roof assembly installations over new concrete roof decks have always been prone to moisture-related problems due to latent moisture release by the concrete as it continues to cure. The problems are due to the release of excess moisture from the concrete into the roof assembly, which can impact roof system securement, the roof membrane, roof insulation, and related components. Moisture-related problems for roof membrane and roof assembly installations over concrete decks have increased significantly in recent years with changes in roofing materials, adhesives, construction practices, and schedules.

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IIBEC Technical Advisory No. 018-2019 (updated 2021) Electronic Leak Detection

June 08, 2021

With the desire to improve the service life of roofing and waterproofing systems, a need has arisen to improve both quality control (QC) and trouble-shooting techniques of these systems. The introduction of nondestructive electronic leak detection (ELD) testing has provided additional options to meet this demand. Since QC is an increasingly important aspect in today’s construction projects, ELD is becoming a commonly specified and utilized procedure to determine watertightness in roofing and waterproofing assemblies...

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Modified-Bitumen Cool Roof Cap Sheets – March 2020

April 01, 2020

TITLE: Modified-Bitumen Cool Roof Cap Sheets DESIGNATION: IIBEC-TA-019-2020 OBJECTIVE: To provide an informative advisory regarding maintaining the solar reflectivity of bright-white-colored, granule-surfaced modified-bitumen cap sheets. BACKGROUND Modified-bitumen material manufacturers have developed bright- or true-white-colored, granulesurfaced modified-bitumen cap sheets to provide higher solar reflectivity and thermal emissivity values. The granules used on these cap sheets are […]

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