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More Than a Dozen Ways to Build a Better Balcony

May 15, 2023

DURING MORE THAN 30 years of forensic investigations related to construction litigation, I have observed and repaired a significant number of balcony problems. These issues are less common than roof and window problems, but to put things in perspective, nearly all buildings have roofs and windows and not all buildings have balconies. Given the various […]

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“Anatomy of Construction Litigation Part III-Preparing a Repair Scope” By Derek Hodgin and John Wylie

May 15, 2020

Could the construction of new buildings really be that bad? The fact is (and anyone who provides an honest evaluation of constructed buildings should agree), many of the alleged defects simply represent deviations from the contractor’s instructions. Some deviations actually have a consequence such that a repair is warranted, while many do not. This paper will discuss the third element of a typical construction litigation case, the repair scope, and it will provide commentary based on direct involvement in numerous cases in which the author has provided expert services to both plaintiff and defense parties. Parts I and II of this series discussed the identification of defects and the expert report, respectively. Part IV will discuss the testimony aspects of construction litigation.

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