Infrared Thermography: The Detective in Your Toolbox

Infrared Thermography: The Detective in Your Toolbox

Presented by Harry W. Koyle, RRO, of Wapiti Inspections and Stephanie M. Robinson, PEng, of WSP Canada, Inc.

Infrared thermography is a non-invasive testing method for detecting infrared energy radiated from building surfaces. Its ability to identify thermal patterns indicative of heat loss and trapped moisture enables the accurate location of compromised building enclosures and roof assemblies. This presentation will examine the capabilities and limitations of thermography, as well as the conditions required to attain useful results for scanning walls and roofs. The presenters will use case studies that exhibit the benefits of infrared thermography as an investigative tool, referencing images that show solid examples of challenges and eureka moments. Practical examples from real projects will help attendees learn how a thermographer’s ability to interpret images—and not necessarily the caliber of the equipment—drives a successful analysis. The objective of this presentation is to demonstrate how a comprehensive understanding of the equipment, thermodynamics, and building enclosure systems is required to generate quality results and how a lack of understanding can lead to completely different conclusions.

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Jun 14 2020


11:30 AM - 12:45 PM


Virtual Convention
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