IIBEC and its members are active leaders in the building enclosure industry. The individual and collective knowledge of members is valued in both the private and public sectors of construction and building maintenance/repair services.

The association embraces its role as an industry leader and advocate for sustainable, high-performance buildings. IIBEC maintains several programs intended to share with the industry,  important information gleaned from building enclosure consulting experiences, and it seeks to further public knowledge of the value of building enclosure consultants’ services.

IIBEC Policy Statements

Policy Statements are declarations made by IIBEC to policymakers, the public, and the construction industry on issues of public policy affecting the membership, consulting practice, and IIBEC and represent IIBEC informed views, opinions, and core priorities. These Policy Statements consist of Position Statements and Technical Advisories.

Position Statements

Position Statements address major technical, professional, social, political, and educational issues of interest to the industry, community, and the nation, and reflect the beliefs of the membership of IIBEC.

Cool vs. Non-Reflective Roofing – July 2018

While there are advantages to using a reflective roof membrane, there are also disadvantages. The roof consultant should determine the effect a reflective roof membrane has within a given roof assembly and weigh the pros and cons of the membrane’s use when making design decisions.

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Building Codes and Standards – April 2014

IIBEC supports the development, evaluation, adoption, and enforcement of codes and standards that protect and improve public health, safety, welfare, and economic vitality and which promote the design, preservation, and construction of sustainable environments and high-performance buildings.

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Environmental Impact of Consulting Activities – April 2014

It is the position of IIBEC that it and its members, in the practice of their vocation, must be committed to protecting human health and natural resources, promoting environmental stewardship, and implementing sound innovative environmental technologies and practices.

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IIBEC and SWRI – Joint Position Statement on Sustainable Construction – May 2012

With experience with older buildings constructed of traditional materials, and to newer buildings that incorporate sustainable building materials and energy efficient components, ours is a unique perspective on the truly sustainable nature of modern building enclosures.

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Member Promotion Tools and Media Relations

The association advocates for the profession of building enclosure consulting through direct communication with building industry associations and media sources.

Member advocacy tools, targeted  marketing campaigns, and public relations efforts also advance the perspective of the IIBEC members. Cooperative media partner relationshipsfacilitate coverage of IIBEC events, programs, and news.

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Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances with related professional and trade groups of common interest increase IIBEC’s role of leadership in the building enclosure industry.

IIBEC Member liaisons participate directly with organizations closely associated with the interests of building enclosure consulting practitioners.