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IIBEC Interface is the technical journal of the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC). The association intends that IIBEC Interface educate and inform, establish common ground for discussion, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and technical knowledge. Its focus is on design issues related to developing and maintaining optimal performance of new and existing buildings’ exterior envelopes. IIBEC Interface is published eleven times per year.

A poll of subscribers indicated that most subscribers read IIBEC Interface “cover to cover” and save the journal for future reference. There is frequent inner-office circulation of IIBEC Interface, with memos noting particular points of interest for their colleagues.

IIBEC Interface is a vital source of information for building enclosure materials specifiers. Nonspecifier readers include: facility managers, government officials, insurance executives, and industry product representatives.

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Upcoming Issues/Editorial Themes

August 2020 Structures as Part of Roof Design
September 2020 Raising the Bar in Building Enclosure Standards
October 2020 The Building Enclosure
November 2020
January 2021
Building Failures
February 2021
Unconventional Roofing
March 2021 The Building Enclosure
April 2021 Wall Assemblies
May/June 2021 2021 Convention Issue
July 2021 Codes & Standards
August 2021 Mid-Century Modern Restoration
September 2021 The Building Enclosure
October 2021 Air Barriers
November 2021 Weather
December 2021 Waterproofing