IIBEC Continuing Education Providers

Below is a list of registered IIBEC Continuing Education Providers and corresponding pre-approved continuing education courses. Each of these courses have been reviewed and approved for IIBEC continuing education hours (CEHs). These preferred external education programs are technical in nature (not sales oriented or product-specific); related to the roofing, exterior walls, and/or waterproofing industries; and pertinent to those who seek or hold IIBEC designations.


Company NameCoursesIIBEC CEHs
AEC DailyCourses Available Onlinevaries
Air Vent IncAsk the Expert Ventilation Seminar1.5
Anchor Products, LLC.Securing Rooftop Equipment in an Ever Changing Environment1.5
ARCAARCA Report Writing6
ARCAARCA Edge Ahead Educational Forum5
ARCAARCA Torch Safety3
BNP MediaCourses Available Online1
Building Science LabsHow (Not) to Design with Spray Foam1
Carlisle401 Roofing Design: Understanding Architectural Specifications and Building Code4
Carlisle501 Roofing Design: Technology Advances and Unforseen Consequences5
CarlisleBack to Basics Insulating Your Building1
CarlisleBlack or White Membrane, What is the Sustainable and Energy Efficient Choice?1
CarlisleBuilding Envelope Design: Understanding Codes, Best Practices & Tie-in Detailing1
CarlisleThe Building Envelope Solution1
CarlisleEPDM: Defining the Standards for 50 Years - SDR1131
CarlislePushing the Envelope-Going Beyond Conceptual Design1
CarlislePVC Roofing Materials - Performance, Construction, Functionality1
CarlisleSingle Ply Roofing Technology-C1021
Carlisle2019 Fall Conference19
CarlisleSpecifying Fire Compliant Wall Products1
CarlisleTPO Technology: Performance & Recent Developments SDR1101
CINDOTTRoofing Technology, Maintenance and Inspection Training Course29.5
CRCA2020 Trade Show & Seminarsvariable
CRCAFrequently Asked roofing Code Questions1
DerbigumLow Slope Roofing Systems 1
DerbigumPMMA 1
FBC Chemical CorpRMA: An Introduction to "Rubber Modified Asphalt" Waterproofing1
Flex MembranesBenefits and Advantages of "Cool Roof Systems"1
GAFBuilding and Roofing Science Seminar5
IPS CorporationAcrylic v. Silicone: Understanding the Differences between Two Common Coating Techniques1
Johns Manville*to be added
McElroy MetalEvolution of Standing Seam Metal Roofing 1
Metal-EraPlant Tour/Product Session1
Metal-EraUnderstanding ANSI/SPRI/ES-1 Standards1
Momentive Performance MaterialsSilicone Fluid-Applied Air Barriers1
NRCAAir barriers: What Roofing contractors Need to Know1
NRCAASCE 7-16 Revisions and Wind-Uplift Design1
NRCAOSHA's Final Rule for General Industry Fall Protection: Important Changes to Know1
NRCARoofing Decks to Docketsvariable
NRCARoofing Industry Technical Update1
NRCAThe situation with Steel Roof Decks1
NRCATiny Particles, Big Possibilities, Unclear risks: Working Safely and Nanomaterials in the roofing Industry1
NRCAImproving Your Safety Climate1
NRCAWhy Reporting Matters1
OMG Roofing ProductsAdhesive Attachment of Insulation1
OMG Roofing ProductsElectromagnetic Induction Welding in The Commercial Roofing Industry1
OMG Roofing ProductsJourney to the Edge of the Roof3
OMG Roofing ProductsRoof Drains for Reroofing Applications1
OMG Roofing ProductsSupporting Small Rooftop Pipe Supports1
PHP System DesignsApplications in Sustainable Technology for Supporting Rooftop Piping and Equipment1
PROSOCOManaging Condensation, Water Intrusion, and Energy in the Real World (PRO014)1
PROSOCOManaging Project-Specific Details - Real-time Collaboration Between the Design Professional1
PROSOCORefining Construction Details through Design Verfication Testing (PRODVT-2)2
PROSOCOSealants A-Z1
RCABCAccepted Inspector Training Course10.5
RCABCEarth, Wind and Metal3
RCABCRCABC (Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia1
RCABCRoofing Practices Standards Presentation2
Ron Blank & Assoc.Cutting Edge Code Compliance1
Seaman Corp.Vegetated Roof Top Gardens1
Sherwin WilliamsSustainable Cool Roofing Solutions1
SiplastBasis of SBS-Modified Bitumen -SIPSBS0120141
SiplastKey Elements of Roof Design: Roof System & Insulation System1
SiplastLightweight Insulating Concrete: The Green Roof Insulation - SIPLWC0120141
SiplastPMMA Liquid-Applied Roofing & Waterproofing Systems - SIPLIQ0320142.5
SiplastPMMA Systems Overview - SIPLIQ0120141.5
SiplastEngineered Performance Concepts Roof Insulation1
SiplastLightweight Insulating concrete from the designer's perspective1
SiplastLightweight Insulating concrete Substrates their Properties and their effects1
SiplastLightweight Insulating Concrete System Composition & Design1
SiplastSustainable Solutions -SIPGEN0120141.5
SiplastPMMA Membrane Composition - SIPPT40220141
SiplastPMMA Technology -SIPPT5020141
SiplastRoof System Design & Composition - SIPPT30320152
SiplastSBS-Modified Bitumen Development & Evolution SIPWCS2102320181
SiplastSBS-Modified Bitumen Membrane Composition - SIPPT20220141.5
SiplastPMMA Technology - SIPWCS1102320181
SiplastSubstrates: The Foundation of the Roof Membrane - SIPPT10220141.5
Soprema Canada Better Buildings Summit1
Soprema Canada Insulation Strategies to Enhance Thermal Performance of Roofs and Walls1.5
Soprema Canada Roofing and Modified Bitumen Membranes5
Soprema Canada Walls Above and Below Grade4
Soprema Canada Review of Different Types of Insulation Materials and Used in Buildings1
Soprema Canada Tech Series, Science, Technology and Innovation1
Soprema Canada Sustainable Buildings the Evolution of LEED Towards Transparency and Multiple Attribute 1
Soprema Canada Why Do you need continuous insulation1
SPRI2019 Conference3
SPRIAir Barriers - Don’t Forget the Roof1
SPRIIBHS Building Resilience Standards1
SPRIIntro to the Directory of Roof Assemblies1
SPRISpring Works: How to Be Successful in Code Development-Winning Strategies That You Need to Know1
SPRIThe Impact of Air Intrusion on Mechanically-Attached Roofing Systems1
SPRIUpdate on Steel Roof Deck1
SPRIWind Design Seminar6
SWRI4th Street Parking Garage – A Case Study 1
SWRIStrategies for Field Structural Glazing 1
SWRIAlcatraz Cellhouse Restoration: Staying Ahead of the Elements 1
SWRIChanges in Specialty Distribution 1
SWRIPersevere to Preserve: Finding Solutions for Anomalies in Masonry Restoration 1
SWRIAvoiding Failures of Waterproofing and Sealing Systems 1
SWRIRope Access in Restoration: Capabilities and Challenges 1
SWRIHurricane Hugo: Thirty Years Later & the Effects on the Building Envelope 1
SWRI474 N. Lake Shore Drive – Parking Garage Renovation & Expansion Joint Repairs 1
SWRITracery Window Replacement – Oklahoma City, OK1
SWRIRevitalization of the University of Notre Dame Stadium 1
SWRIWater Infiltration: Understanding Expectations and Intent 1
Versico Roofing SystemsBlack or White Membrane, What is the Sustainable and Energy Efficient Choice?1
Versico Roofing SystemsEPDM Defining the Standard 50 Years-SDR1131
Versico Roofing SystemsPVC Roofing Materials - Performance, Construction, Functionality1
Versico Roofing SystemsSingle-Ply Roofing Technology - C1021
Versico Roofing SystemsTPO Technology: Performance & Recent Developments SDR1101
Wallace EngineeringEvaluation of BUR to include SBS Mod-Bitumen and Single Ply (PVC, EPDM and TPO)2
Wallace EngineeringTPO, PVC & BUR RAs & WI Reports (CO, TX, TX, MO)4