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Technical Advisories

IIBEC Technical Advisories

Technical Advisories describe and convey IIBEC’s positions and information concerning timely technical issues and are presented in the form of white papers, commentaries, or other analyses, supported by objective, sound research and technical documentation.

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Technical Advisory No. 24, 2024

Demolition and Restoration of Cavity Wall Constructions After Extreme Weather Events Resulting in Flooding

To provide an informative advisory regarding remediation and corrective measures after extreme weather events resulting in flooding of exterior cavity wall construction comprised of exterior sheathing, weather-resistive barrier, and exterior cladding.

Technical Advisory No. 23, 2022

Applying FM 1-52 in Practice

To provide background and discussion on the latest revisions to the FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-52, Field Verification of Roof Wind Uplift Resistance, and its applicability to IIBEC members’ practices in evaluating wind uplift resistance of installed roofs as well as evaluation of existing roofs for wind uplift resistance and wind damage.

Technical Advisory No. 22, 2021

Wood Frame Shrinkage and Associated Issues with Building Performance

To describe the importance of analyzing and accommodating wood shrinkage in mid-rise wood frame construction pursuant to (and beyond) current building code requirements.

Technical Advisory No. 21, 2021

Rooftop Equipment Including Communication Equipment

To provide commentary on roof design and maintenance considerations where rooftop equipment, including communication equipment, are present.

Technical Advisory No. 20, 2021

Roof Covering Systems and New Concrete Roof Decks

To provide commentary on the installation and design of low-slope roof systems over new concrete roof deck substrates.

Technical Advisory No. 18, 2019

Electronic Leak Detection

To provide information on the methods and qualifications for electronic leak detection testing used for installed roofing and waterproofing systems.

Technical Advisory No. 17, 2019

Fiber-Cement Siding: Inherent Issues Affecting Performance

To provide an informative advisory regarding performance issues that may be encountered with fiber-cement siding installed on a building.

Technical Advisory No. 16, 2018

Reuse of Roof Insulation

To provide an informative, technical advisory regarding the reuse of existing roof insulation during the replacement or repair of low-slope roofs on commercial buildings.

Technical Advisory No. 15, 2017

Secondary (Overflow) Drainage Provisions in the 2015 IBC and IRC

To raise awareness of potentially unsafe conditions that may result due to exceptions regarding roof drainage within the 2015 IBC and 2015 IRC, if the primary drainage system becomes compromised.

Technical Advisory No. 14, 2017

Wind Uplift Resistance Testing of Newly Installed Roof Assemblies

To provide IIBEC’s position pertaining to the use of field uplift testing of newly installed roof assemblies.

Technical Advisory No. 13, 2017

Removal and Replacement of Roof Substrate Materials Damaged by Moisture

To provide an industry statement regarding the removal and replacement of roof substrate materials damaged by moisture and discovered at the time of new roof installation.

Technical Advisory No. 12, 2016

TPO Single-Ply Roof Systems: Performance and Service Life

To present a general overview of information regarding the performance of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply membranes, to summarize general information related to the evolution of TPO single-ply roof membranes, and to provide general information to assist individuals with reviewing in-place existing conditions of TPO roof membranes.

Technical Advisory No. 11, 2016

Black Staining and Flow from Self-Adhesive, Bituminous-Based Wall Flashings

To provide commentary and to raise awareness of potential staining and flow of oils from self-adhesive, bituminous-based wall flashings.

Technical Advisory No. 10, 2016

Corrosion Issues Related to Bagasse Fiberboard Roof Insulation in the Gulf States Region of the United States

To provide commentary on corrosion linked to the use of bagasse fiberboard insulation in low-sloped roofing assemblies.

Technical Advisory No. 9, 2015

Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood (updated 2017)

To provide information and recommendations on strength loss of wood treated with fire-retardant (FR) treatment and corrosion of ferrous metal in contact with such treated wood.

Technical Advisory No. 8, 2015

Self-Adhesive, Modified-Bitumen Roofing Products and Systems

To provide commentary on issues associated with specifying and installing self-adhesive, modified-bitumen roofing products and systems.

Technical Advisory No. 7, 2014

A Roof Dilemma: Surface Defects Requiring Repair or Surface Imperfections Not Requiring Repair?

To provide recommendations for addressing whether imperfections in the surface of a newly installed roof are considered to be surface defects impairing the performance of the roof, or are surface imperfections and simply aesthetically distracting.

Technical Advisory No. 5, 2014 (updated 2023)

Fasteners and Self-Sealability of Weather-Resistive Barriers

To provide informative advisory regarding the potential moisture and air infiltration associated with fasteners that penetrate both self-adhered and fluid-applied membranes installed as weather-resistive barriers or air barriers within an exterior wall assembly.

Technical Advisory No. 4, 2013

Concerns Related to Water-Based Adhesives for Use in Roofing

To provide commentary and to raise awareness of limitations related to water-based adhesives used with roof systems.

Technical Advisory No. 3, 2013

Issues with ANSI/SPRI ES-1 (updated 2022)

To provide commentary regarding issues associated with the ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standard.


Technical Advisory No. 1, 2011

Issues with Code-Compliant Brick Veneer in Residential Construction (updated 2021)

To provide commentary on issues associated with brick veneer construction that is code-compliant but differs from long-accepted trade practices.

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Archived Technical Advisories
Technical Advisory No. 2, 2011
Recent Changes in the Determination of Wind Loads on Roofs as Outlined by ASCE-7 – December 2011 (updated 2013)

To present a summary of the recent changes associated with the determination of wind loads for roofs in accordance with ASCE-7, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. This Technical Advisory is considered to be informative in nature and intended to provide general information regarding the recent changes. The interpretation and full understanding of the referenced document shall be the responsibility of the designer.
Technical Advisory No. 6, 2014
PCBs Present in Sealants
To provide informative advisory regarding the potential for sealants located in exterior walls of buildings to contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) at levels that warrant certain measures.