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Chapter Spotlight: IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter

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June 15, 2023

Chapter Spotlight: IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter


What geographical region do you serve?

Our members are in Northeastern Illinois, Northwestern Indiana, and Southeastern Wisconsin.

What events does your chapter currently have planned?

Does your chapter have any goals for the coming year?

One of the many goals that the Chicago Area Chapter actually accomplished this year was to formalize our advocacy committee.  The committee’s mission is as follows:

The IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter (CAC) Advocacy Committee raises awareness of state and local legislative proposals that impact the CAC membership, support legislation that benefits the building consulting profession, and to fight legislation that negatively impacts the building consulting profession.

Do you do anything to specifically attract or benefit students?

The CAC is attracting more student members and increasing their attendance to our continuing education sessions. One of the methods to attract more student members is to provide our membership and educational sessions and programs at no cost. We want to minimize potential roadblocks to attending our continuing educational sessions while increasing equity and inclusion. We feel that not only can they learn from our technical courses, but we can also learn from them. Students are a reminder to ensure we are presenting learning objectives in a straight forward and meaningful methods.

If you were to give a piece of advice to the next generation of consultants, what would it be?

Get involved in your local chapter sooner than later! We know how busy and time-consuming being an emerging professional or student is. However, participating in a chapter social event, attending an educational session, or joining a committee provides the foundation for a more rewarding and supporting path forward in establishing your career before you graduate. It is an investment that will provide more opportunities to learn and grow exponentially. We also need you to grow.  Emerging professionals and students provide a fresh perspective and viewpoint that is needed to ensure we stay relevant as an organization. Get involved and make a difference.

The IIBEC Chicago Area Is Proud to Announce Its Newest Branch:

IIBEC Central States Branch

Under the guidance of the IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter, the Central States Branch will be led by member Cale Prokopf, REWO, RRO.  The branch’s geographical region covers Missouri, Kansas, and Southern Illinois, with an open invitation to members in Nebraska and Iowa.

Are you looking to get involved? Please contact Branch Liaison Cale Prokopf, Region III Director Charles Sietmann, or Tara Cottle, IIBEC director of regional & chapter relations.