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IIBEC Leaders Defend QBS And Urge Opposition to Illinois State Legislation

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April 28, 2021

IIBEC is opposing legislation in Illinois that would change procurement laws including the selection of design professionals. Last week, a letter was sent in support of Qualification Based Selection (QBS) of design services and in opposition of Illinois House Bill 680.  Brian Pallasch, IIBEC CEO and executive vice president, was joined by Charles Sietmann, RRO, REWO, director IIBEC Region III, and Raymond Makiejus RRC, RRO, president of the IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter in a letter to state legislators urging them to reject the legislation and retain “a procurement process that has served the state and its taxpayers well.”

Illinois adopted QBS for architecture and engineering design services in 1987. Since being enacted at the Federal Level in 1972, the QBS process has proven so effective that 46 states have incorporated it into state procurement regulations. At the federal level, it is commonly referred to as the Brooks Act, the federal government’s procurement process by which architects and engineers (A/E) are selected for design contracts on public construction projects.

In the letter to Illinois House Speaker Emmanuel Welch and Republican Leader Jim Durkin, IIBEC leaders wrote, “for more than 30 years, QBS has proven that contract negotiations that start with qualifications and experience have resulted in better, more cost-effective construction projects.” IIBEC took the opportunity to not only express opposition to Illinois House Bill 680, but also to educate the committee about QBS, and why it is a superior process.

IL HB 680 has been passed by the committee and is ready for floor consideration in the House, however, the legislative session ends on May 31st, meaning it must pass soon or it will die. IIBEC hopes that this letter, in conjunction with other groups working to stymie the bill, will prevent it from moving forward.

IIBEC Director of Government Relations, John Boling

Serving as IIBEC’s Director of Government Relations, Boling works to advance Member’s policy interests in states, provinces, and the national levels. Please contact him at