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IIBEC Scores a Victory as Alabama DOT Changes Procurement Regulation

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December 1, 2022

By John Boling

IIBEC is pleased to report that the Alabama Department of Transportation (AL DOT) agreed to modify regulations implementing changes to the state’s procurement law. The revised regulation that becomes effective on January 14, 2023, eliminates provisions requiring the procurement of architecture, engineering, and design services based on price (low-bid) for state-funded projects and replaces it with qualifications-based selection (QBS) procedures.

IIBEC had previously submitted comments asking for changes and had coordinated with allied sectors to raise awareness and align opposition.

Brian Pallasch, executive vice president and chief executive officer of IIBEC, stated, “While the regulatory process traditionally works slowly, we congratulate the Alabama Department of Transportation for identifying a problem and working swiftly to rectify it. IIBEC’s advocacy leadership brought this issue to the attention of allied organizations, and our coordinated opposition was effective.”

IIBEC will continue to advocate on behalf of all building enclosure consultants who participate in the public contracting arena and rely on QBS to ensure contracts are decided based on qualifications, not low price. For more information about QBS, please read IIBEC’s policy statement on the issue.