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Roofing Industry Calls on Congress to Fully Fund Career and Technical Education

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June 22, 2023

By John Boling

Earlier this month IIBEC joined with our roofing industry colleagues to call on the US Congress to provide more funding for career and technical education in the states. On June 8, 2023, 11 roofing industry associations signed a letter to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees urging them to support a robust increase in funding for Perkins State Grants for career and technical education (CTE).

The letter states, “This funding is critical to high schools, community colleges, small businesses, and the students who need training to help close the skills gap in today’s workforce in both manufacturing and the construction trades. Perkins CTE State Grants are allocated to all 50 states to invest in CTE efforts critical to employers and students and expanding economic growth within the state.”

Brian Pallasch, executive vice president and CEO of IIBEC, stated, “For over 50 years Congress has generously supported colleges and universities. However, equal support needs to be granted to career and technical education programs. The nationwide shortage of skilled workers is a result of this policy. I’m proud we lobbied for an increase in CTE funding during Roofing Day on Capitol Hill and will continue to work with our roofing colleagues to bring attention to this important issue.”

Congress is currently in the process of drafting the 12 annual spending bills that fund the federal government. IIBEC will report back when Congress completes its appropriations work.