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Blast from IIBEC’s Past: 1998

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January 1, 2021
Foundation Board 1998

A fledgling Foundation board gathers for a photo at convention.

Nineteen-ninety-eight saw a number of milestones for IIBEC (then RCI). The RCI Foundation was born, with its purpose to “develop research and educational projects for the benefit of the members and the good of the roofing industry.”

The first Canadian member was elected to the Executive Committee in the person of Albert Duwyn, who today is the president of the RCI Foundation Canada.

The RCI website was launched at, where it stayed for over two decades before moving to on April 1, 2019.

The RRC Examination Committee began investigating ways to use technology to speed up the process of grading exams.

The Industry Affiliate and Professional Affiliate membership classifications were initiated.

The Institute had over 1,000 members, having gained 215 in 1998 alone.

The second-ever Building Envelope Symposium was held in Chicago, in September of 1998. There were over 70 attendees, including architects, engineers, and facility managers. Eleven papers were presented.

The Roof Construction Reference Manual for General Contractors was added to RCI’s list of publications, as were The Slate Book, The Code Book, Fundamentals of Roof Consulting, and Advanced Roof Consulting.

Eight new standing committees were formed to ensure “more productivity and volunteer involvement.”

Mike DeFrancesco and Albert Duwyn

Mike DeFrancesco and Albert Duwyn.

RCI officers as of the 1998 convention were:
President: Michael Blanchette
First Vice President: James Sheahan, RRC
Second Vice President: William A. Cypher, RRC
Secretary: Warren R. French, RRC, PE, CCS
Treasurer: Albert Duwyn, RRC
Immediate Past President: Robb Smith, RRC, RRO

Kris, Kami, Micki

Kami Farahmandpour at 1998 convention, with staffers Kris Ammerman (left) and Micki Kamszik in the background.

Mike Blanchette and Gary Cattel check out the new technology.