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Blast From IIBEC’s Past: 1999

February 01, 2021

In 1999, the first issue of RCItems was published. This newsletter took member news, the CEO’s column, and other association information and created a smaller publication, separate from Interface, but inserted into each issue. This allowed Interface itself to focus almost exclusively on technical articles. IIBEC’s expansion continued, and several new chapters were born: The […]

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Blast From IIBEC’s Past: 1995

July 31, 2020

In 1995, IIBEC (then RCI) was 12 years old. The Tenth RCI Convention, held in Reno, NV, boasted over 700 attendees and 126 companies exhibited at the trade show. Interface went to a monthly publication schedule. A survey of Interface readers indicated that 79% saved their copy in their libraries. (How far back does your […]

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Blast from IIBEC’s Past: 1993

June 01, 2020

Ten years following IIBEC’s (then RCI’s) founding, the association claimed 546 members “in a time of financial problems,” according to then- president Richard Horowitz. Its membership categories were expanded to include Affiliated members and Government Liaisons.The first edition of the RCI Directory of Roofing Professionals was published. The association’s educational offerings included Basics of Roofing, […]

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