IIBEC Website Banner Advertising

Highly Prominent Marketing

With over 20,000 monthly visitors (over 660 daily), advertising on the IIBEC website is a striking way to deliver marketing directly to IIBEC’s building envelope consultant members and like-minded website visitors.

Advertising is reserve-able for a single banner ad location prominently located on the  right hand margin of the site’s home page, and every page.  A maximum of five advertiser’s ads will appear in random rotation and feature one banner ad at a time per user session.

Splash your corporate advertising message to IIBEC’s~ 3,600 members and make direct contact with consultants who annually specify billions of dollars of roofing, waterproofing and exterior-wall materials.

The IIBEC website is mobile device-friendly.

Advertising Rates

1x = $1,2500 (net) / month

3x-5x = $1,000 (net) / month

6x-11x = $800 (net) / month


  • Ad size is “Large rectangle” (336 pixels wide x 280 pixels tall)
  • Ad file types: .jpg, .gif, or .png
  • File size: 50KB maximum
  • Include the URL the ad should link to. No special coding beyond specification of target URL will be performed by IIBEC.

Ad Due Dates

Ad creatives are due on the 27th of the prior month:

Ad Month Due Date
February January 27
March February 27
April March 27
May April 27
June May 27
July June 27
August July 27
September August 27
October September 27
November October 27
December November 27

To reserve advertising, contact Chris Barnes at cbarnes@iibec.org

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