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IIBEC Interface is the technical journal of the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC). The association intends that IIBEC Interface educate and inform, establish common ground for discussion, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and technical knowledge. Its focus is on design issues related to developing and maintaining optimal performance of new and existing buildings’ exterior envelopes. IIBEC Interface is published eleven times per year.

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The IIBEC Interface digital edition gives readers handy access to the same industry-leading content found in the printed version, with the added benefit of being able to read it on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. 

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Current IIBEC members can access full digital-format editions of IIBEC Interface via the links below.

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To open the document, members must enter their Username (e-mail address) and password (IIBEC member ID). If you are not sure which e-mail you have on file with IIBEC, or what your member ID is, you can e-mail IIBEC or call 919-859-0742. Members without an e-mail address on file should login and update their member record. Individuals not currently receiving or those who have previously opted-out from IIBEC e-mails can update or create an e-mail profile here.


If you are not a current member of IIBEC, you can purchase à la carte access to individual digital issues of IIBEC Interface for $10 per issue. Use the links below to purchase individual issues of IIBEC Interface digital editions.

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