2021 Outstanding Chapter Awards

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November 29, 2021

The 2021 Outstanding Chapter Awards program (apply below) provides IIBEC-affiliated chapters with recognition at the annual convention and publicity in IIBEC Interface. It serves as a road map for annual operations and bylaw requirements and as an archival record of chapter activity. It also aids chapter leaders during their annual transition meeting by providing documentation on the chapter’s goals, objectives, and achievements. The IIBEC Chapter Development Committee continues to refine and enhance the awards program.

Purpose of the Outstanding Chapter Awards Program 


  1. Identifies chapters meeting requirements to thrive and be successful.
  2. Recognizes chapters meeting the minimum requirements set forth in the awards application at IIBEC International Convention and through IIBEC Interface.

Road Map for Successful Operations:

  1. Provides chapters with a guidebook to help identify required actions needed to be a successful and active chapter.
  2. Identifies and highlights recommended actions needed to take the chapter to the next level.

Archival Records:

  1. Serves as documentation of year’s activities.
  2. Documents who served in leadership roles.
  3. Serves as historical record and reference material for future chapter boards.

Aid for Leadership Transition:

  1. Gives new leadership an understanding of the previous board of directors’ goals, objectives, and achievements.
  2. Aids in providing continuity from year to year.
  3. Identifies the most difficult yearly tasks each chapter must perform to meet governmental and IIBEC requirements.