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Fenestration Hurricane Codes Effective, but Irma Illuminates Room for Improvement

April 01, 2019

By Steven Saffell For the first time, 2017 saw three Category 4 hurricanes hit U.S. shores in one season (followed by Hurricanes Florence, Michael, and others in 2018). According to the Insurance Journal, hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria combined caused approximately $265 billion in damage, with each hurricane joining Katrina and Sandy among the revised […]

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Window Receptors: Notes From the Field

March 03, 2019

By Don Kilpatrick The popularity of condominium living in large metropolitan areas has engendered a well-established part of our cityscapes, with fierce competition to see who can deliver the best views, towering over adjacent buildings, boroughs, coastlines, and parks. Those with means can freely invest in housing with million-dollar views. Developers and builders, however, often […]

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