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Manual of Practice in Tablet

RCI Manual of Practice Goes Digital

May 18, 2018

One of the many changes afoot here at HQ is the initiative to put fewer of our documents on paper and instead make them available digitally. The RCI Manual of Practice is now available exclusively as an interactive PDF. You can jump to various sections from the table of contents, search the document, and access […]

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level next to flange showing no overlap

Tiled Shower Walls are Comparable to Clad Exterior Walls

May 03, 2018

Introduction In many ways, ceramic-tiled shower walls can be investigated and evaluated in the same manner as clad exterior walls. Both rainwater and plumbed interior water have the same potential to promote decay, deterioration, and fungal growth via unintended breaches in a wall’s water-protective envelope. In all cases, the most severe levels of internal damage […]

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RICOWI Holds Spring Conference

March 28, 2018

By David J. Balistreri, RRC, CDT, BECxP, RCI Liaison to the RICOWI board of directors and Chair of RICOWI The Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues (RICOWI) held its spring conference just prior to the RCI International Convention and Trade Show in Houston, Texas. Nearly 100 people attended educational seminars during the first day of […]

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HVAC Interaction With the Building Enclosure in Natatoriums

January 30, 2018

By Paul Totten, PE, LEED AP; and Amanda Stacy, LEED GA Natatoriums and similar buildings with a body of water set within an interior space have requirements that differ from most buildings as they pertain to the control of HVAC systems and considerations for building enclosure design and management. Natatorium operation must consider pool water […]

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Meet Building Envelope Specifiers at the 2018 RCI Intnl. Convention and Trade Show

December 26, 2017

Intro | Register to Attend | Hotel  | Education/Speakers | Networking Events | Schedule | Trade Show | Keynote Speaker: Gary Heil | Golf Tournament | Spouse/Guest Tours Show your product to the Industry’s most focused group of  Building Envelope Specifiers 33rd RCI International Convention & Trade Show March 22-27, 2018 | Houston, Texas Marriott Marquis Houston | George R. Brown Convention Center When you exhibit at the RCI International Convention and Trade […]

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Foundation Supports Research on Crack Geometry

December 20, 2017

By Foundation Development Officer Rick Gardner The RCI Foundation has approved a challenge grant totaling $20,000 to the University of Texas at Austin for predicting crack geometry to improve product selection methods. The research, which is being coordinated by Professor Chadi El Mohtar, will hopefully provide solutions in determining injection grout selection based on observing […]

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RCI Interface Featured Article: Moisture Analysis in Unconditioned Concrete

September 27, 2017

By Kip Gatto, PE, SE and Grace Wong, AIA, LEED AP Introduction Moisture-sensitive materials such as adhesives and coatings (simplified as “coatings” for this article) are routinely applied to concrete surfaces in exterior plazas, roof structures, concourses, retention structures, parking garages, etc., for various purposes, including waterproofing and protection. The service environments for the coatings […]

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“Leaky” Exhaust Vents – The 500-lb Gorilla of Condensation Problems

March 29, 2017

By Philip D. Dregger, FRCI, RRC, PE Many factors contribute to excessive condensation in low-slope membrane roof systems installed over wood decks with insulation below: high interior relative humidity (RH), high roof reflectance,1 and especially air intrusion.2 One contributor — the impact of warm humid air leaking out the ends of improperly terminated exhaust vents […]

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blower test

Holes in the Wall: Window Performance, Installation, and Field Quality Control Standards

February 01, 2017

INTRODUCTION Holes in exterior walls enclosed with windows, doors, and other related components must be integrated with surrounding building envelope components to effectively separate the outdoor environment from interior conditioned space. At the most basic level, windows allow natural light into buildings and resist the passage of water and excessive air. Windows also limit sound […]

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