Certified Building Enclosure Commissioning Provider- CBECxP®

With the expansion of IIBEC’s focus to building enclosure commissioning, the organization recognized the need for the development of a Certified Building Enclosure Commissioning Provider (CBECxP®) program. IIBEC is currently pursuing ISO 17024 accreditation through ANSI National Standards Board (ANAB) for this certification and candidates are now permitted to complete the CBECxP Application using the IIBEC online interactive electronic application process.

CBECxP Application Requirements

Applicants must have at least 4 years of building enclosure commissioning experience. Verification of one’s education and/or work experience is done using a point system.

A minimum of 100 points is required and is based on one of the following:

  1. work experience only
  2. experience and education
  3. experience, education, and professional credentials

70 hours of continuing education through attendance and a minimum of three seminars directly related to building commissioning, building enclosure consulting, or building construction sciences are needed for application approval.

5 references are also required.

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CBECxP Application Process

Candidates are encouraged to use the online interactive electronic process to complete the application.

A user account is all that is required to log in to the portal to complete an application. You may enter and save the information until the application has been completed. It can then be electronically submitted to IIBEC for review and approval. Once begun, the application must be completed and submitted to IIBEC within one year or the application in process will expire.

Apply Now

Applications in .pdf format are also available upon request.

Click here to download the CBECxP Handbook.

The CBECxP exam is anticipated to be released in late 2021. Once released, the exam will be available at over 1,000 conveniently located testing centers worldwide. Ninety (90) days should be allowed for processing once an application is submitted to IIBEC. Applications will be processed within 45 days for an additional expediting fee of $125. When the CBECxP exam is available an exam registration form will be provided to the candidates with approved applications. Once registered, the candidate will be contacted by Scantron, the internet-based testing company, to schedule an exam.

Computer-based testing is offered on-demand to approved candidates and is subject to individual testing center hours and availability. Consult Scantron for testing center locations.

Contact IIBEC Credentials Department Staff


The CBECxP online exam will have 90 multiple-choice questions that involve the following topics: building and materials science; procurement and project delivery; contract documents and construction administration; and performance test standards and methodology. Some problems may involve mathematical computations that require familiarity with basic algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Up to four hours will be allowed for the examination.

CBECxP Annual Renewal

A renewal fee is required annually, as well as 12 building commissioning, building enclosure consulting, and/or building construction sciences-related continuing educational hours (CEHs).  All registrants are encouraged to self-report CEHs via the IIBEC website.

Annual Renewal Fee*
$250 – IIBEC member and nonmember

*There is a 10% discount from the base renewal rate for each additional designation.


Application Fee

$425 – IIBEC member and nonmember

Receive $75 OFF for the CBECxP Application Fee (through December 31, 2021). Use code CBECxP21 at checkout.

Examination Fee

$325 – IIBEC member and nonmember

For more membership and credentials information, contact the Membership & Credentials Team.

Membership & Credential Team