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Amplify Your Voice: Join an IIBEC Committee

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November 16, 2023

Are you an IIBEC member who wants to have a greater impact? If so, join an IIBEC committee in 2024. By volunteering for an IIBEC committee you will be giving back to the building enclosure profession and helping your fellow IIBEC members.

Committee volunteers help form and approve the content IIBEC members crave, from articles and papers to convention speakers, ethics, and advocacy.

How can you best serve IIBEC? Look over our committees and find the option that’s best suited to you and your area of interest. Then fill out the form below before January 3, 2024. IIBEC’s president and first vice president will meet with staff liaisons on each committee and make decisions on appointments to the various committees. Committee appointments are for three years.

Join your fellow members in making things happen. Volunteer today to serve on an IIBEC committee.