Department of Energy Recognizes Projects as Part of Building Envelope Campaign

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October 21, 2021

IIBEC was pleased to be a partner of the Department of Energy’s Building Envelope Campaign.  The projects recognized for 2021 achieved high marks in the following areas:

  • Motivate action and increase awareness of the value of investing in high-performance building enclosure technologies
  • Recognize leaders adopting and achieving high performing building enclosure systems
  • Demonstrate and document energy and cost savings with integrated design, construction, commissioning, and maintenance from the implementation of high performing enclosure systems

The projects selected represent 1.5 million square feet of conditioned floor area, and 9 million kBTU and $500k annual savings and based on envelope

technologies alone. They represent the best of new construction and retrofit building types, K-12 schools, commercial real estate, multifamily, higher education, and others.

Properly designing and installing a high-performance building enclosure is what our members do best.  Find one that can meet your project’s needs via our Membership Database on our website.