IIBEC Board Adopts 2023 Budget and Revised Code of Ethics

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October 7, 2022

During its September 24–25, 2022, meeting in Houston, Texas, the IIBEC Board of Directors approved the organization’s 2023 budget and its diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts; received an update on IIBEC’s ongoing campaign to market its consultant members; and initiated a review of the organization’s strategic plan.

The approved 2023 IIBEC budget includes a modest increase in member dues for the coming year to account for inflation, as no increase has occurred for several years. However, credential fees for IIBEC members remain unchanged.

The board also approved an update to the IIBEC Code of Ethics at the request of the Ethics Committee and the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. The new Code of Ethics addresses diversity and inclusion, and personal conduct. This new code will be posted before December 1, 2022, on the IIBEC website and in IIBEC Interface.

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force presented a strategy plan that was adopted by the board and will soon be rolled out, beginning with IIBEC Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Pallasch’s “From the CEO” column in the November 2022 issue of IIBEC Interface. The task force was also elevated to an IIBEC Board of Directors-level committee.

The board also received a 90-minute update on IIBEC’s consultant marketing campaign from the design firm Silva Group. To date the focus of the campaign has been developing a microsite to educate owners about the benefits of hiring IIBEC members to address their building enclosure needs. Three new videos educating building owners about services of IIBEC consultants regarding waterproofing, exterior wall, and roofing will debut during the fourth quarter of 2022.

The board spent half a day and began the process of updating the IIBEC strategic plan. The current plan was initially developed in 2017, and was updated in early 2020. IIBEC has again retained Tecker International to facilitate the process. The board’s intent is to unveil the new IIBEC strategic plan in the middle of 2023.

Lastly, the board adopted changes to the structure and management of the IIBEC Education Committee.

The board’s next meeting will be in conjunction with the 2023 IIBEC International Convention & Trade Show in March 2023.