IIBEC Members Approve Bylaws Changes

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December 18, 2023

The voting members of the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC) recently voted to change the organization’s bylaws to accommodate changing business practices of the organization, make the document gender neutral, and sunset its “consultant affiliate” and “industry affiliate” member categories.

IIBEC added bylaws language creating a Certification Council to comply with ANSI/ANAB rules for personnel certification bodies. The change allows IIBEC to apply to ANSI/ANAB to become a personnel certification body and have IIBEC credentials recognized by ANSI/ANAB.

“I applaud our voting members for approving these changes, which allow our great organization to modernize and move forward as a professional association,” said IIBEC President Amy Peevey, RRO, REWC, PE, CDT.

A Second Question

The proposed administrative and legal changes to IIBEC’s bylaws were part of the first of two ballot questions presented to voting members. A second question addressed IIBEC’s classifications of “Consultant Affiliate” and “Industry Affiliate” members. Both ballot questions achieved the needed two-thirds support of those eligible members who voted.

After extensive research and deliberation, the IIBEC Board of Directors determined the “affiliate” member category was no longer necessary. The board said that removal of the affiliate categories will streamline the membership process, remove the logistics of linking sponsors and affiliates, allow IIBEC to provide more direct membership discount and incentive programs, and improve the administration and renewal procedures for IIBEC members.

IIBEC will no longer offer its affiliate member categories as of January 1, 2024. However, current consultant affiliate and industry affiliate members may retain those categories of membership indefinitely until their membership is deactivated.

IIBEC proposed its bylaws changes in early November. A webinar was held to review the changes with the membership, and the bylaws changes were posted on iibec.org for members to review and add their comments and questions. The voting period opened November 15, 2023, and closed December 15, 2023.