IIBEC TAC Issues Advisories

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June 9, 2022

The mission of the IIBEC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is to respond to technical issues related to the building enclosure industry and develop advisories and policy statements for the building enclosure industry for approval by the IIBEC Board of Directors. The TAC meets bimonthly to consider issues raised by the general IIBEC membership or TAC members. In the last year, TAC has developed three technical advisories (TAs).

Technical Advisory No. 20, 2021

Roof Covering Systems and New Concrete Roof Decks

To provide commentary on the installation and design of low-slope roof systems over new concrete roof deck substrates.

Technical Advisory No. 21, 2021

Rooftop Equipment Including Communication Equipment

To provide commentary on roof design and maintenance considerations where rooftop equipment, including communication equipment, is present.

Technical Advisory No. 22, 2021

Wood Frame Shrinkage and Associated Issues with Building Performance

To describe the importance of analyzing and accommodating wood shrinkage in mid-rise wood frame construction pursuant to (and beyond) current building code requirements.

Any IIBEC member that encounters topics, issues, or concerns is encouraged to notify the TAC for possible advisory development. No topic is too large or small to be considered. Please email Emily Lorenz, PE, F-ACI, IIBEC staff liaison to the TAC, at elorenz@iibec.org,  or IIBEC TAC Chair Douglas Stieve, RRC, AIA, at dstieve@wje.com.