Member News – May 2017

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May 25, 2017

The Directory of RCI registration holders is now on the D+D website.

• Link to the digital issue
• And a link to the directory itself:

You’ll need to create a login to access it.

New Certifications for April 2017

Name Certification Date Program Region
Filipe Anastacio 4/1/2017 RRO Region VII
Shawn R. Blough 4/1/2017 RRO Region III
Louis Hunt 4/20/2017 RRO Region V
L. O’Neal Johnson 4/24/2017 RRO Region IV
David G. McFaddin 4/24/2017 RRO Region VI
Rich Milstead 4/18/2017 RRO Region V
Carl Nicholls 4/20/2017 RRO Region I
Daniel J. Silva 4/26/2017 RRO Region VII
Jamie Slipp 4/5/2017 RRO Region VII
James Michael Spach 4/18/2017 RRO Region II
Kraig Stanforth 4/28/2017 RRO Region V

New Members for April 2017

Name Company State Type
Keny Allan Gillespie Building Consultants Inc. ON Consultant Affiliate
Allen Blaker Inspection Specialists Inc. AZ Consultant
Wes Bollinger Bollinger Roofing Company, Inc. MD Industry
Thomas Bozeman Raymond Engineering-Georgia, LLC GA Consultant
Scott Brodie VELUX America, LLC SC Industry
Brian Brookheart VADA, LLC IL Industry
Zachary Brooks CP Rankin Inc. – Roof Management & Contracting PA Industry
Matthew Cole Blackmore & Buckner Roofing, LLC IN Industry Affiliate
Jordan Crump True North Construction Management, Inc. WA Consultant
Matt Davis Supreme Inc. OH Industry Affiliate
Denise Diestel Roofing and Exterior Products Services OH Industry Affiliate
Jeff Eiswerth Sherwin Williams OH Industry
Bill England Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems CA Industry
Ivan Estey Roofing and Safety Consultants Ltd. NF Quality Assurance Observer
David Garrety Garrety Manufacturing Inc. PA Industry
Shawn Gibson Jasmine Engineering TX Consultant
Michael Groome Wetherholt and Associates Inc. WA Quality Assurance Observer
Tim Haines Engineered Exteriors PLLC TX Consultant
James Kirby GAF Materials Corp. IL Industry
Nick Kokodis Skyline Restoration Inc. NY Industry
David Lim Construction Problems Resolution, Inc. CA Consultant Affiliate
Justin Long The SK&A Group MD Consultant Affiliate
Jonathan Manca Penfolds Roofing & Solar BC Industry
Christopher Mills U.S. Forensic FL Consultant Affiliate
Soufiane Mohand Kaci Boral IPH, LLC TX Industry
Don Mullins Raymond Engineering-Georgia, LLC GA Quality Assurance Observer
Osvaldo Ojito Raymond Engineering-Georgia, LLC GA Consultant
Kyle Perteet Polyguard Products Inc WA Industry Affiliate
Alan Popkin ahp Architects Inc. MA Consultant
Keith Puckett Polyglass USA, Inc. AZ Industry
Justin Rasmussen Atlas Roofing WA Industry
Gregory Rivers Raymond Engineering-Georgia, LLC GA Consultant
Peter Sallee KCCT DC Consultant
Clement Saucier Saucier Bros Roofing, Inc. MS Industry
Jeremy Saunders Roofing and Exterior Products Services OH Industry Affiliate
Glenn Schwantz Alliance Roofing ON Industry
Rodney Scott RMIS Engineering SK Consultant
John Walker Gardner-Gibson-APOC FL Industry
Michael Walls Conley Group Inc. TX Consultant Affiliate
Eric Wolff Washington Roofing Company OR Industry
Annette Wren TUFFLEX Polymers/Excellent Coatings/UPI CA Industry