“In Bamboo” Is Shaped Like Infinity Symbol

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July 2, 2018

infinity shaped roofA bamboo and tile structure in the shape of an infinity symbol has been created in the rural town of Daoming in Sichuan Province, China. Archi-Union Architects combined traditional Chinese construction techniques with prefabrication technology to create “In Bamboo,” a pavilion that serves as a multi-functional community cultural center celebrating the town’s renowned bamboo-weaving craftsmanship. The roof is finished with traditional ceramic tiles.

interior of bamboo pavilion
Photos by Li Han.
“On the roof of our building, the tile is like a pixel, computed to describe the subtle geometric complexity of this continuous roof,” principal architect Philip F. Yuan said. The building’s façade is of bamboo. The design team worked with a local artisan who modeled over 20 variations of different weaving patterns using thin strips of material.