CAC-RCI Holds Fall Program (Chapter News)

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January 31, 2017
By Dennis McNeil, FRCI, RRC, CCS, RRO
CAC-RCI Program Committee
Bill McHugh, with the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association.

The Chicago Area Chapter of RCI, Inc. (CAC-RCI) conducted its annual fall program on Friday, November 04, 2016 at Pinstripes in west suburban Oak Brook, IL. This was the fourth and final program for the year. Fifty-two attendees included CAC-RCI members, speakers, table-top exhibitors, and guests. Three table-top exhibitors participated: Architectural Building Solutions (Carlisle Syntec Roofing), BASF (coatings, sealants), and TECTA America.

The program speakers for the day included Bill McHugh, executive director, Chicago Roofing Contractors Association; and Christopher Kottra, PE, CCCA with Building Technology Consultants.

Bill McHugh’s presentation covered four learning objectives: understanding the State of Illinois requirements, the City of Chicago requirements, IECC requirements, and review of clarifications and exceptions to all of the above. The latter topic generated considerable question and answer discussion, particularly regarding reroofing or re-covering existing buildings within Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, especially where existing conditions render achieving code-mandated insulation thickness “technically infeasible.” As usual, designers should check with the local “authority having jurisdiction” for the final word.

Chris Kottra’s presentation, “Fundamentals of Traffic-Bearing Membranes,” reviewed design elements to be considered (existing substrate cracks, age, moisture, and manufacturer’s input), properties of typical liquid-applied membranes and associated sealants, and surface preparation (shot-blasting and preparing cracks). The process of typical application was reviewed, including application of primer, pre-striping cracks and joints, applying a base coat, applying an intermediate coat with granules, and applying a final top coat. Maintenance and repair of existing coating systems were also discussed.