Chapter Awards Program, Series 7: Chapter Awards

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January 20, 2017
By Michael Fell, RWC
Chapter Development Committee, Region II Representative
This article is the seventh and final in a series of seven articles pertaining to the new Outstanding RCI Affiliated Chapter Award Program. The revised application process takes on a digital and more user-friendly approach, utilizing Excel®. The intent of the awards application is twofold: 1) to recognize a chapter’s accomplishments for the year, and more importantly, 2) to chart a chapter’s roadmap for planning, operation, and growth activities. If you missed the other great articles in this series, I encourage you to read them all.

This article discusses the Chapter Awards section of the Chapter Awards Program application.

Chapter Awards (Section 12.0)

The mission of RCI, Inc. is to advance the profession of building envelope consultants. This starts at the local chapters. By the time a chapter completes this part of the application, it has already determined whether it has earned enough points to be recognized as an Outstanding Affiliated Chapter of RCI. Our hope is that all chapters will achieve this recognition. Those who do certainly understand that it takes a lot of volunteers and support to make it happen.

On the chapter level, RCI is solely dependent on the commitment of volunteers who participate on committees and their chapter board. The best way to show appreciation to those who have contributed to the success of the chapter is to give them an award for their service, support, and contributions. By doing so, the chapter will earn additional points and potentially increase its award level. Levels range from bronze (122 to 300 points) up to platinum (901 to 1,200 points), the highest award level.

Like the other sections of the application, a chapter can earn the most points for establishing an active committee. Committees are essential to ensuring that a chapter functions properly and accomplishes the tasks at hand. They also help distribute tasks so that the burden of responsibility is not put on the shoulders of just one individual. Not only is it important to show appreciation by giving awards to those who have contributed to the chapter’s success, but this gesture has a larger impact when the chapter presents the award to that individual at an annual ceremony, program, or meeting of the members. By doing so, a chapter earns 25 points and is well on its way to earning a passing score for the Chapter Awards section of the application. To continue recognizing and extending the chapter’s appreciation to these individuals on an international level, a chapter may announce its award recipients on social media, in newsletters, and in news post on the RCI website. When this is done, a chapter can earn up to an additional ten points. Additional points are earned for the type of awards a chapter presents, such as recognizing its president, committee chairs, volunteer of the year, speaker of the year, outstanding sponsor, and lifetime achievement members.

“In recognition for distinguished service to the members of your chapter and in meeting the requirements established by RCI, Inc.”

This is the statement on each certificate given to the chapters that earn the Outstanding RCI Affiliated Chapter Award. This is an award every chapter should strive to achieve because it represents more than just an award. The continued success of RCI and the professionalism of our industry rely heavily on the development and growth of chapters. If you are currently involved at the chapter level, we thank you for your service. If you are considering getting involved, we hope you take that next step. Your time and effort are what will ensure the future success of RCI.

If your chapter has not already downloaded the new Chapter Award Program application, visit An Excel® file of the application can be found under Chapter Leadership Tools.