Chapter Spotlight: IIBEC Central Texas Chapter

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October 4, 2021

Chapter Spotlight: IIBEC Central Texas Chapter

What geographical region do you serve? 

The IIBEC Central Texas Chapter serves the central region of Texas, located in and around Austin.

Do you have any events coming up?

We are excited to host the Central Texas Enclosure Symposium on October 8, 2021.

This all-day event will feature multiple educational sessions, including:

  • Wind Uplift Concepts and Case Studies – Stephen Patterson, RRC, PE
  • Dealing with Challenges of Mid-Rise Wood-Framed Constructions – Derek Hodgin, RBEC, RRO, PE, CDT
  • Metal Flashing and How They Affect the Building Enclosure – Russell Raymond, RBEC, RRC, REWC, RWC, RRO, CDT, CEI

In your opinion, what was the most successful event that your chapter has hosted within the past few years?

That would have to be the 2019 IIBEC Central Texas Regional Conference.  We were proud to host excellent speakers, great attendance with top notch vendor support, while hosting demos of new cutting-edge roofing products.

What is your favorite location to host a chapter event?  Why?

That’s easy, Maggiano’s Little Italy on Domain, in Austin, Texas.  They have great meeting rooms, but more importantly, the food is amazing!

Has chapter involvement affected your career?  If so, how? 

I am very thankful to have been so involved with the IIBEC Central Texas Chapter while also serving on the IIBEC Building Enclosure Symposium Committee. Both have really opened doors for me with our local school construction projects, as well as getting in front of architects, allowing me to help them with their specifications.  – Jay Rodriguez, IIBEC Central Texas Chapter Vice President

Is your chapter currently looking to fill any leadership positions?

Yes! We are currently looking for motivated volunteers to join our board and committees.  We would especially like to find a volunteer who would be interested in helping us line up new and engaging speakers for our luncheons.

IIBEC Central Texas Chapter Board of Directors:

President– Daryl Ball

Vice President – Jay Rodriguez

Treasurer – Alonso Caro

Secretary – Gregory Lord

Past President – Dennis Wilson

Committee Members: John Hunt, Jake Thomas, Michael Marciante, Nate Drees, Jon Cannon