Directors of Regions I, II, III, and VII Elected

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January 24, 2019

On Tuesday, January 22nd, voting concluded for the region director positions in Regions I, II, III, and VII. Running for a second term was Michael Violette for Region I director and Gene Keeton, for Region III director; both of whom won their reelection bids. Chris Dawkins was confirmed as the new Region II director. The contested Region VII election went to Jennifer Hogan. The region directors will begin their two-year terms at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting of the Members on Monday, March 18 during the 2019 convention in Orlando, FL.


Michael Violette, RRC, PE

Region I Director

Position Statement

Since becoming involved in RCI, I have recognized the value of its leading educational programs for building enclosure professionals, and the registration programs that provide professional growth and development opportunities to many in our industry. I also recognize the value one receives from becoming an active member in this organization. As the RCI Region I director, I will strive to accomplish the following:

  • Represent the region at RCI board meetings and present the region’s position on policies and issues.
  • Promote chapter growth and development in the region.
  • Promote the value of RCI registration programs and inclusion of RCI professionals in public and municipal projects.
  • Support existing chapters to encourage active participation with new members and increase membership.
  • Promote the RCI values and strategic plan at the chapter level.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Region I director.


Chris Dawkins, PE

Region II Director

Position Statement

My first exposure to RCI was attending its 1997 RCI Building Envelope Symposium, which was outstanding and most relevant to my consulting practice. Afterward, I sought out RCI’s classes because they were exceptional—both technically and with a bent toward application and real-world conditions. RCI’s stellar reputation in continuing education led me to get actively involved with our Georgia Chapter, which is a strong community of consultants, product manufacturer representatives, and installers who have worked very well together and made each other stronger in better serving our clients and the public.

Our present RCI community is blessed by our founders and early leadership for setting a rock-solid foundation of advocacy and advancement of services excellence within our industry. We stand on their shoulders, but there is still much to accomplish. I am privileged to be elected and serve as Region II’s director and I will steadfastly work in support of our international team’s continued growth and development and the current strategic plan’s vision that “RCI will be universally recognized as the leading authority for roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall consulting,” with emphases on education and chapter development.


Gene Keeton, CxA+BE, BECxP

Region III Director

Position Statement

It is a privilege and a pleasure being the Region III director and a member of the board. These months have flown by, and it has been rewarding to be involved with the many endeavors that RCI is striving toward. However, now is not the time to slow down. It is the time to step up, and with your support, that is what I wish to do. We need to continue our push for better communication, not only within our organization, but also within the entire industry. With our new branding and building enclosure commissioning projects moving forward fast, I am proud and honored to represent you for the 2019-2021 term. I ask for your continued support as I strive to fulfill my duties as Region III director.


Jennifer Hogan, RRO, CET, LEED AP, Certified Passive House Consultant

Region VII Director

Position Statement

RCI is a dynamic organization that continues to evolve and grow from its roots in roofing to better serve its members and the entire building envelope industry. Over the last year it has been highlighted by RCI that we are on the cusp of significant changes to our branding. These changes will better align our “outward image” with the experience and values that our membership embody. Change can be challenging; it pushes us and makes us feel uncomfortable. But there, just outside of our comfort zone, truly remarkable things can happen. It is my hope that this change will fill each of us like a wave, building and reinvigorating our passion for this industry and driving our institute to new heights.

For this to happen we will need to engage all our members and work to strengthen the connections between each branch, each chapter, and each region. As Region VII Director, it will be my personal mission to support this overarching goal by:

  1. Creating strong lines of communication between our chapters/branches, RCI Inc., and all the other chapters and branches within the organization.
  2. Supporting the growth of our chapter and branches by working with all three (Ontario, Maritime, and National Capital) to ensure that we are providing value to new and existing members across our large geographic area.
  3. Building on the success of our recent Canadian Building Envelope Symposium, ensuring that these best-in-class educational offerings continue to be accessible to the Canadian membership.
  4. Supporting the mission of RCI, and of our chapter, to more fully engage students and young professionals in RCI activities, building a strong future for both the association and the industry.

My service to RCI over the last four years has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, and I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to continue in the role of Region VII Director. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my position and extend an invitation for anyone with questions, concerns, or ideas to reach out to me.

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