ICC and GSO Sign Historic Agreement

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January 31, 2017
ICC Executive VP and Director of Business Development Mark Johnson (in suit)
and GSO Secretary-General Nabil Amin Molla (to his left) sign the agreement.

The International Code Council (ICC) signed a historic agreement supporting the efforts of The Standardization Organization for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulfs (GSO) to develop a unified Gulf Building Code for the region. The Gulf Code will be based on the Saudi Building Code, which will incorporate the latest provisions from the 2015 International Codes. This new Gulf Building Code will support the harmonization of building practices, enhance safety, and facilitate commerce in the region. Once implemented, the Gulf Code will reflect the latest advances in building safety, affordability, and sustainability and be a driving force for innovation and safety advances in building
design and construction. –Source: ICCeNews