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IIBEC Adopts New Online Learning Portal to Meet the Modern Learner

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April 6, 2019

IIBEC is meeting learners where they are using a new online learning platform. This newly released system is replacing its legacy learning management system (LMS), in an effort to move from managing learning to improving the entire learning experience.

IIBEC Online Learning Portal

As training moves to more digital formats, it’s colliding with new realities in learners’ jobs, habits, and preferences. Flexibility in where and how users learn is increasingly important and today’s employees find themselves working from several locations and structuring their work in nontraditional ways to accommodate lifestyles.

After soliciting feedback and evaluating many options, IIBEC chose LearnUpon as the new online system. This new portal has many advanced features including a modern interface, mobile capabilities, gamification, social learning features, and many additions to be implemented in the coming months and years. IIBEC is truly planning for the future of building enclosure education!

“We felt our previous LMS technology was only focused on managing learning, which simply isn’t sufficient for the modern professional out in the field attempting to gain valuable skills when they need them. Our users’ needs have drastically changed, and we are facing a new set of education challenges that require us to improve learning, not just manage it,” said Director of Educational Services, Jennifer Roller. “LearnUpon puts the best tools in the hands of our users, giving them the power to do just that. We are living longer, jobs are changing faster than ever, and automation is impinging on our work lives more every day. If we can’t look things up, learn quickly, and find a way to develop new skills for work we’re going to fall drastically behind.”

The new online learning portal can be found under the Education tab on IIBEC’s website using the Online Learning link, and currently contains over 45 educational titles.

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