IIBEC Member News – November/December 2020

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January 22, 2021

Wetmore Named ABAA Fellow

Craig WetmoreAt the end of December 2020, the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) announced the appointment of Craig Wetmore as a new fellow. He has represented York Flashings for over 10 years at ABAA and been an integral part of numerous task groups and committees, including the Transitions, Terminations, and Flashings Task Group and the Conference Committee. He has also chaired the Marketing Committee for the past seven years. Wetmore was appointed to the ABAA Board of Directors in 2014, and has been ABAA’s secretary for the past 3 years. Wetmore has been an Industry member of IIBEC since 2011, and is a member of the Building Enclosure Symposium Committee.




Hoekzema Promoted at Kemper System America

Kemper System America, Inc., announced the promotion of Joseph Hoekzema to managing director and co-president, overseeing operations across Northern America, effective December 1, 2020. Together with Christian Schaefer, Hoekzema will continue to jointly lead Kemper System America.

Hoekzema brings over 30 years of sales and management experience to his new role, most recently as director of sales at Kemper System America. He has been an active member of the New York City construction market since 2003 and has been with Kemper System America since July 2014.

Hoekzema has been an Industry Affiliate member of IIBEC since 2017.

David Denman Passes Away

David Thomas Denman, 67, of Dublin, Ohio, passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by family on Sunday, November 1, 2020. Denman is survived by his wife of 44 years Patricia Denman; children Christopher (Andrea) Denman and Lisa (Bill) Sligh; grandchildren, siblings, and many nieces and nephews. Denman was born May 11, 1953 in Mt. Vernon, Ohio to the late Thomas and Nadine (Bare) Denman. He attended West Point and graduated from Ohio Dominican. In 1991, Denman started Roof Management, which has grown into a successful company. Denman built a culture based on teamwork and considered all Roof Management team members family. He had a passion for flying, traveling, golfing, hunting, and spending time with his family and friends. He volunteered his flying time to Veterans Airlift Command and Volunteer Pilots Association. He had been an IIBEC member for over 25 years at the time of his passing. Remembrances may be shared here: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/johnstown-oh/david-denman-9884716

New Registrations in October, November, and December 2020

NameRegistration DateProgramRegionState
Brenden Adams2020-10-15RRCRegion IVTX
Brad Banacka2020-11-06RRORegion VCA
Braden Barnett2020-11-11RRORegion IVTX
Andy Barriento2020-11-09RRORegion IIIIN
Juan D. Betancur2020-12-11RRORegion IIFL
George L. Boudreau2020-10-01RRORegion VIINB
Brian A. Carey2020-10-30REWORegion IIIPA
Roman Cherkasov2020-12-11RRORegion VWA
Casey J. Curry2020-11-03RRORegion IIICA
Christopher DeRosa2020-11-20RRCRegion IDC
Eric M. Droz2020-10-30REWORegion IVTX
Timothy P. Haines2020-11-02RRORegion IVTX
Sandy Hembroff2020-12-16REWCRegion VIIAB
Curtis J. Hoare2020-10-07RRORegion VIION
James Huff2020-10-21REWORegion IVTX
Todd L. Hyams2020-12-07RRORegion IITN
Stefano R. Ierullo2020-11-19RRORegion VIION
Wayne A. Jenski2020-10-07REWCRegion VNM
Derek E. Josephson2020-12-08RRCRegion VOR
Don A. Lamont2020-10-12RRORegion IVTX
Randy Lerp2020-12-04RRORegion IVTX
Justin P. Long2020-11-28REWCRegion IMD
John Mauney2020-11-13REWORegion VWA
Chase A. McInnis2020-10-22REWORegion IIFL
Dale J. Meierhofer2020-12-15RRCRegion IIIMN
Taraka Ravi Mullapudi2020-12-31RRORegion IVTX
Steven J. Neltner2020-11-13RRORegion IOH
Richard Parrish2020-12-14REWCRegion IISC
Garrett Peltier2020-11-20RRORegion IVTX
Matthew P. Ritchie2020-10-02RWCRegion IVTX
Robert M. Sanderson2020-10-29REWCRegion IIN
Jonathan Shick2020-11-23RBECRegion VHI
Jonathan Shick2020-11-18REWCRegion VHI
Leena Shrestha2020-12-29RRORegion IIIIL
James H. Stegemerten2020-11-12RRORegion IMD
Matthew L. Stevens2020-12-21REWORegion IVTX
Matthew S. Sutherland2020-11-30RRORegion IVTX
Stewart Swing2020-10-30RRCRegion IINC
Brian M. Walker2020-11-17RRORegion VIINS
Alexander J. White2020-12-15RRORegion VIION
Erik A. Woodin2020-10-23RRCRegion IMA


New Members in October, November, and December 2020

Esteban AcevedoGoldfinch Construction, LLCStudentChapter/Region III
Edward G. AgnoliEGA Architect, PLLCConsultantChapter/Region I
Brian W. AlstonBluefin, LLCQuality Assurance ObserverChapter/Region I
Edward AnismanInteractive Resources, Inc.Consultant AffiliateChapter/Region V
Tim ArcherAdvanced Roof ManagementConsultantChapter/Region I
Jacob ArnoldRaths Raths & JohnsonConsultant AffiliateChapter/Region III
Larry AronhaltSeaman corporationQuality Assurance ObserverChapter/Region II
Sam BahmaniRommelFacility ManagerNew Zealand
Oliver BaumannBaumann ConsultingConsultantChapter/Region III
Ryan P. BeecroftFishburn SheridanQuality Assurance ObserverChapter/International Members -
Excluding Canada
Robert BonfantiA.D. MagellanConsultantChapter/Region V
Gerard J. BrownGerard Brown ConsultingConsultantChapter/Region V
John CarterSeaman Corp/FiberTite Roofing SystemsIndustryChapter/Region IV
Elizabeth CoronadoColby Company EngineeringConsultantChapter/Region I
Steven CoughlinSeaman CorporationIndustry AffiliateChapter/Region V
Benjamin A. CumminsRoof Management, Inc.Consultant AffiliateChapter/Region II
Victor DaughertyDuro-Last Roofing, Inc.Industry AffiliateChapter/Region III
Gregory DowellZS, LLCConsultantChapter/Region III
Noah DownsBE-CIConsultantChapter/Region II
Russell FallonSika Sarnafil–A Division of Sika CorporationIndustryChapter/Region I
Wayne FergusonChamberlin Roofing & WaterproofingIndustry AffiliateChapter/Region IV
Anthony FranchinoBothwell-Accurate Co., Inc.Industry AffiliateChapter/Region VII
Jim GlazeThomco, Inc.IndustryChapter/Region I
Taylor GreaneyCRS Sales and MarketingIndustry AffiliateChapter/Region II
Frank GriffinEnvista ForensicsConsultantChapter/Region IV
Tim HargerLightning Protection InstituteAssociateChapter/Region III
Paul A. HartfielIRC Building Sciences GroupQuality Assurance ObserverChapter/Region VII
Shain HeissArizona's Roof Consultant LLCConsultantChapter/Region V
Jon HensonGAF Materials Corp.IndustryChapter/Region V
Carolyn HoganRRC Roofing Consultants, Inc.ConsultantChapter/Region VI
Terrence Holder30 Forensic EngineeringConsultantChapter/Region VII
Scott HowardProfessional Roof Consultants, Inc.Consultant AffiliateChapter/Region V
Kevin KasnerAWS Consultants, Inc.Quality Assurance ObserverChapter/Region V
Ryan KinchGarland Canada, Inc.Industry AffiliateChapter/Region VII
Tanner KirchoffConsultantChapter/Region V
Erik LaverdiereLaverdiere Consulting VenturesQuality Assurance ObserverChapter/Region I
Jean LebeauMJ Building EnvelopeIndustryChapter/Region VII
Brian R. LinvilleK2N CrestConsultantChapter/Region III
Harold J. LouwerseMorrison HershfieldConsultant AffiliateChapter/Region VI
Adrian LowensteinSkyline WindowsIndustryChapter/Region I
Justin LucknerEvans Roofing Company, Inc.Industry AffiliateChapter/Region I
Jason P. MaddenConsultantChapter/Region III
Jo MadridWiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.Consultant AffiliateChapter/Region IV
Raksha MagalRaymond EngineeringConsultant AffiliateChapter/Region II
Dana MaldonadoWood E&IQuality Assurance ObserverChapter/Region II
Joseph C. McCormackSeaman Corp/FiberTite Roofing SystemsIndustry AffiliateChapter/Region III
Dylan McElfreshSoprema USAIndustryChapter/Region I
Frank McIsaacLenmak Exterior InnovationsIndustryChapter/Region VI
Dale MichaelDale Michael General Contractor, LLCAssociateChapter/Region V
Ricardo MoncadaRMS Building Envelope Consultants, LLCConsultantChapter/Region II
Alex MorozIKO IndustriesIndustryChapter/Region VII
Gloria MoyWiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.ConsultantChapter/Region III
Tim MurphyQuality Assurance ObserverChapter/Region III
Jose NievesWiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.Consultant AffiliateChapter/Region IV
Philip ParkerRJC EngineersConsultantChapter/Region VI
Timothy D. PaytonPayton Roofing / Rooftop ConsultantIndustryChapter/Region II
Brittney PerreaultConsultantChapter/Region II
Michael PetchFlynn Group of CompaniesIndustryChapter/Region VII
Michael PrescitiIBA Consultants, Inc.Consultant AffiliateChapter/Region II
Robert J. PringleEvans Roofing Company IncIndustry AffiliateChapter/Region I
Thomas L. RewertsThomas L. Rewerts & CompanyConsultantChapter/Region III
Jennifer ReymundiIBA Consultants, Inc.Consultant AffiliateChapter/Region II
Christopher D. RigginsGulf States Engineering, Inc.ConsultantChapter/Region II
Cory RobbinsEDA Contractors, Inc.IndustryChapter/Region I
YVES ROCHONGarland Canada Inc.IndustryChapter/Region VII
Jorge RojasZS LLCConsultant AffiliateChapter/Region III
Emily Saleh30 Forensic EngineeringConsultantChapter/Region VII
Kiran Sam ThomasCopeland Building Envelope ConsultingConsultant AffiliateChapter/Region I
Benjamin SchalkAllana Buick & Bers, Inc.ConsultantChapter/Region V
Scott SchendelEPRO Services, Inc.Industry AffiliateChapter/Region III
David ShultzC&ES ConsultantsQuality Assurance ObserverChapter/Region II
Michael A. SwietanskiMadsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc.ConsultantChapter/Region II
Amber ThompsonTremco, Inc.IndustryChapter/Region V
Ivan TrinidadNational Roofing PartnersIndustryChapter/Region IV
John B. TurnerTurner Roof ConsultingIndustryChapter/Region II
Charles M. VickJohns ManvilleIndustry AffiliateChapter/Region II
Richard WamsatAllana Buick & Bers, Inc.Quality Assurance ObserverChapter/Region V
Jeffrey WatsonSKA Consulting Engineers, Inc.ConsultantChapter/Region II
Edward YuzaBC Building Science, Ltd.ConsultantChapter/Region VI