JetBrains’ Green New Office

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May 1, 2021
All images are courtesy of UNStudio.

Czech software development company JetBrains had a clear concept for their new offices, revolving around being connective, comfortable, and versatile.

The green campus overlooks the Gulf of Finland, and the building’s shape is designed to offer beautiful views from many vantage points. One such vantage point is the generous interior atrium, which sports live greenery year round and connects to the outdoor courtyard and terraces. Meeting rooms, an auditorium, a restaurant, and breakout spaces are all accessible from the central atrium.

The building’s eye-catching façade utilizes shading on the inside of the glazed skin and cantilevers on the outside, mitigating heat gain while allowing daylight into the building. The lower and upper sections are a grid of unitized elements, while the atrium’s zigzagged, transparent façade spans three floors in some areas.

On the roof of the main building, everything’s coming up green. The terraced roof lends even more interest to the shape of the building and is landscaped (roofscaped?) to provide a relaxing exterior location for enjoying the spectacular views of not just the Gulf of Finland, but also the carefully designed courtyard below.

— UNStudio, ArchDaily