Member News – April 2017

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April 24, 2017

Henderson Retires

After 39+ years in the business, Darrel Henderson has decided to hang up his clipboard and semi-retire. He must have roofing in his DNA, as his ancestors installed slate roofs in England back in the 1800’s. He was on the Ontario Chapter Membership Committee in 1997 and was the secretary from 2000-2001. He has lectured for RCI from 2002 until the present day, and he was involved in the creation, along with John Kataila, of the Fire-rated Roof Module for the Building Science Specialist of Ontario (BSSO) Program at the University of Toronto.

Henderson was introduced to roofing by Bruce Russell at Tremco in 1978, and to roof consulting by Doug Fishburn. He still issues the URL lists that began in 1999 and 2006 to his contacts in the industry. He can be contacted at

Sietmann Earns ACI Certification

Senior Building Envelope Specialist Charles Sietmann, RRO, CCCA, CIT, with Building Technology Consultants, Inc., Arlington Heights, IL, has recently become a Certified Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector through the American Concrete Institute (ACI). Sietmann is a Consultant Affiliate member of RCI and a member of the Document Competition Committee and the Chicago Area Chapter.

Hernacki Hired by Amtech

T.R. Hernacki, PE, has been hired by Amtech’s Engineering Services Division. He is certified by the Structural Engineering Certification Board, has achieved Project Management Professional designation, and has over 30 years of experience in structural repair design, fall protection system testing and design, historic renovation, building envelope evaluation and testing, code compliance, wind and impact protection engineering, and product evaluation engineering for structural code compliance. Hernacki is a Consultant member of RCI and was previously employed by Facility Engineering Associates PC.

TRC Hires David Cook

David Cook has joined TRC’s Building Sciences & Industrial Hygiene Practice as a senior building envelope consultant and office practice leader in its Arlington, TX, office. With more than 16 years of experience, Cook was most recently a senior project manager for Terracon Consultants. He is Registered Roof Observer and Professional member of RCI, a Certified Level II Infrared Thermographer, and a member of the AIA. He may be reached at 512-673-6121 or

First Quarter Registrations from Jan. 1 – March 31, 2017

Name Certification Date Program Region
Dennis W. Mashburn 1/27/2017 REWO Region II
Edward L. Lehman 2/27/2017 REWO Region V
James A. Copeland 1/19/2017 REWO Region II
Michael Phifer 2/8/2017 REWO Region II
Randy Worcester 1/17/2017 RRC Region III
Scott Hall 1/31/2017 RRC Region II
Bryan S. Guess 1/6/2017 RRO Region II
Garratt Grenier 1/24/2017 RRO Region VI
Hakan Korkut 3/31/2017 RRO Region I
James D. Lee 3/15/2017 RRO Region II
Jason De Oliveira 1/30/2017 RRO Region VII
Jon N. Crumrine 3/29/2017 RRO Region V
Joseph M. Bukovec 1/12/2017 RRO Region V
Larry Swift 3/14/2017 RRO Region II
Linda Song 3/7/2017 RRO Region V
Nicholas Richardson 2/27/2017 RRO Region VI
Roman Lipiec 1/30/2017 RRO Region IV
Ross T. Adams 3/31/2017 RRO Region I
Seth Tanner 3/31/2017 RRO Region I
Timothy Welch 1/27/2017 RRO Region I
Wardell Coutee 3/1/2017 RRO Region IV
William L. Lavender 1/20/2017 RRO Region II
Corey S. Zussman 2/6/2017 RWC Region III
Daniel L. Montgomery 3/18/2017 RWC Region I
Sean Connolly 1/21/2017 RWC Region V

First Quarter New Members: Jan. 1 – March 31, 2017

Name Company State/
Ross Adams Roof Consulting Services, Inc. CT Quality Assurance Observer
Jason Andrews Virginia Tech VA Student
Chad Angerstein United States Gypsum Company TX Industry Affiliate
John Applegate Alta Products LLC WA Industry
Edward Ashley GAF Materials Corp. WA Industry Affiliate
Jeffrey Atkinson Mohawk College ON Student
Ricardo Avello Exclusive Construction Group FL Industry
Clint Baer Ace Roofing, Inc. LA Industry
Patrick Baitson Sterling BEC AB Consultant
Matt Bancroft Bancroft Construction Inc. CA Industry
Jarod Barenklau University of Wisconsin-Stout WI Student
Melvin Beagley Rooftech Consulting Group Inc. UT Consultant
Robert Beauregard Building Technology Associates, Inc. MI Consultant Affiliate
Scott Belcher Virginia Tech VA Student
Juan Betancur Johns Manville NJ Industry Affiliate
Shane Borgess Borgess Inspection Services CA Quality Assurance Observer
Alain Bouchard IRC Building Sciences Group Inc. NB Quality Assurance Observer
Seth Bowles Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. CA Consultant Affiliate
Aaron Brooks Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
Terri Brown Radco Roofing NC Industry
Ron Brunner JE Dunn TX Industry
Pierre-Michel Busque Busque Engineering Ltd. BC Consultant
John Buttrey Unified Building Sciences TX Consultant
Julie Canning Sika Sarnafil, A Division of Sika Corporation IL Industry Affiliate
Anthony Capocci Anchor Products TX Industry Affiliate
Ashley Caraway P & A Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. FL Industry
Asa Carlile Acme Cone Company LLC OR Industry
Roy Chan Consumers Choice Property Consultants ON Quality Assurance Observer
Dan Cupit Professional Inspection Services CO Consultant
Denise Dana Reserve Consultants Ltd. WA Consultant
Sean D’Angiolillo Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. NJ Consultant Affiliate
Michael Davis Grayco Roofing Consultants TX Consultant
Owen Davis McDonald & Wetle OR Industry Affiliate
Tim Davis Davis Consulting Services ON Consultant
Daniel Demolin Foothills Roof Services CO Quality Assurance Observer
Timothy Devore Carlisle Construction Materials IL Industry Affiliate
Anthony DiCarlo Mohawk College ON Student
Jay Dougherty Roof Consulting Services, Inc VA Consultant Affiliate
Pat Downey PROSOCO, Inc. WA Industry Affiliate
Mitchell Dudoit Allana Buick & Bers Inc. HI Consultant Affiliate
Mike Dunlap Polyguard Products Inc. TX Industry
Gunars Dzenis Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC GA Industry Affiliate
Stephen Elmore Lakeside Roofing IL Industry
Steven Entrekin Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. TX Consultant Affiliate
Ryan Farley Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. AZ Consultant Affiliate
Dan Fromhart Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. NV Consultant Affiliate
Ryan Frouws IRC Building Sciences Group Inc. ON Consultant Affiliate
Sarah Gambino Alfred State College NY Student
Kevin Geil Roofing Sales Associates, Inc. MO Industry
Adam Geszvain Facility Engineering Inc. WI Consultant Affiliate
Brandon Gifford Evolution Architecture WA Consultant
Jonathan Gilkinson Mohawk College ON Student
Alec Gilliam Virginia Tech VA Student
Frank Gilroy Frank Gilroy Professional Services CT Quality Assurance Observer
Kenneth Gilvary Haag Engineering Company FL Consultant Affiliate
Jimmy Girolamo Offshore Construction CT Industry
Christian Glaug Western Specialty Contractors MD Industry
Curtis Goldsney IRC Building Sciences Group Inc. SK Consultant
Jonathan Grant Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
Delvecchio Gray Forensic Building Consultants OR Consultant
Ted Green Armstrong Group Inc. NM Consultant
Christopher Haley ECS Florida, LLC FL Quality Assurance Observer
Justice Hallman ABC Supply Co FL Industry Affiliate
David Hansen GCI Consultants LLC FL Consultant Affiliate
Zachary Hansen University Wisconsin-Stout WI Student
Craig Hanson Jay Ammon Architect, Inc. FL Consultant Affiliate
Jack Hanson Jay Ammon Architect, Inc. FL Student
John Harold DERBIGUM Americas Inc. OH Industry Affiliate
Matt Harrison SC Consulting Group CA Consultant Affiliate
Logan Healy Virginia Tech VA Student
Jill Heidorf Polyguard Products Inc. TX Industry
Thomas Hernacki Amtech Solutions Inc. CO Consultant
Jaime Hernandez MasterCraft Roofing Inc. WA Industry
Majd Hijazi North Carolina State University NC Student
James Ho CMS Building Consultants ON Consultant
James Hoag CRS Sales and Marketing GA Industry Affiliate
Joe Hoekzema Kemper System America NJ Industry Affiliate
Michael Hoglund Building Envelope Consultants and Scientists, LLC MD Consultant
Michael Holden U.S. Forensic FL Consultant
Ian Hooper NPC Commercial Roofing TX Industry Affiliate
Ken Hooper NPC Commercial Roofing TX Industry
Zack Hooper NPC Commercial Roofing TX Industry Affiliate
Matthew Hopkins BLUEFIN LLC CO Consultant
Simin ImaniRad North Carolina State University NC Student
Brian Ivancich Bradley Univeristy IL Student
Daniel Jackson Bell & Spina Architects NY Consultant Affiliate
Curt Jaffe Duro-Last Roofing Inc. OR Industry Affiliate
Brian Jones Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
Scott Jones Soprema Inc. IN Industry Affiliate
Ghazal Kamyabjou North Carolina State University NC Student
Matt Keeler Hydro-Corr Specialties, LLC NC Industry Affiliate
Meagan Kikuta Tremco Roofing ON Industry
Gloria Kim Virginia Tech VA Student
Jesse Kinsley JRS Engineering WA Consultant Affiliate
Jacob Knigge Tecta America Kentucky KY Industry
Michael Kohler Sherwin Williams OH Industry
Kyle Korte Foresight Services Inc. IL Consultant Affiliate
Amy Krauss Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
Bryan Krueger Bryan Krueger Enterprises Inc. CA Associate
George Lafferty FS&L Architects MO Consultant
Michael Lampkin GAF Materials Corp. CA Industry Affiliate
Robert Larez Fidelis Enterprises CA Industry
Frank Largen WTI Services, Inc. NY Industry
Ben Legge VELUX Canada Inc. ON Industry Affiliate
Edward Lehman JE Dunn Construction Group CO Industry
Rachel Leonardo Virginia Tech VA Student
Sherwood Liles Clemson University SC Student
Steven Linscheid Unified Building Sciences Inc. TX Consultant Affiliate
Jason Lopez University of Florida FL Student
Sylvain Lortie Superteck experts-conseils inc. PQ Consultant
Chris MacDonald IRC Building Sciences Group Inc. NS Consultant Affiliate
Graham Marsteller Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
John Matthews Baker Roofing NC Industry Affiliate
Dmitry Mayorov TechnoNICOL Company Moscow, Russia Quality Assurance Observer
Bryce McCandless Semple Gooder Roofing Corporation ON Industry
John McCarthy ECS Mid-Atlantic LLC PA Quality Assurance Observer
Clifton McCormick Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects PLLC TN Consultant
Jonathan McDonell Virginia Tech VA Student
Ed McIntosh Metal-Era, Inc. WI Industry Affiliate
Zachary McManaman University of Oklahoma OK Student
Bryce McQueen Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. GA Consultant
Roger Melvin Sika Sarnafil CO Industry Affiliate
Michael Messing Messing Construction Co., Inc. IL Industry
Mark Miller Skoler Building Resources OR Industry
Anthony Milo Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. CA Consultant Affiliate
Timothy Milroy Atlas Roofing Corp. IL Industry
Noah Monhemius EES Group OH Consultant Affiliate
Dale Moore Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
Edward Moore Clemson University SC Student
Gilbert Morales CIM Roofing TX Industry Affiliate
James Morrow RS&M FL Consultant Affiliate
Richard Mosco Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. CA Consultant
Patrick Muldoon Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. HI Consultant
John Myers   WA Consultant
Gregory Neiderer Walker Restoration Consultants PA Consultant
Chris Nelson Technical Roof Services Inc. CA Consultant
Jeremy Newkirk Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. TX Consultant Affiliate
Anthony Nicastro Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. DC Consultant Affiliate
Cally Niess Iowa State University IA Student
Paula Nyquist RSP Architects LTD. MN Consultant
Thomas O’Brien S. Thomas O’Brien, LLC MS Quality Assurance Observer
Nicholas Oliver University of Texas at Arlington TX Student
Dan Parker J.S. Held LLC GA Consultant
Javier Parral Terracon Consultants TX Quality Assurance Observer
Trey Parsons Engineering and Technical Consultants MD Consultant
John Patterson Weatherproofing Technologies Inc. PA Industry
Michael Petch Flynn Canada Ltd. ON Industry Affiliate
Eric Pfeiffer GAF Materials Corp. OH Industry Affiliate
Michael Phifer Terracon Consultants Inc. NC Consultant Affiliate
Paul Piscoran Nova Consulting CA Consultant
John Posenecker Building Exterior Solutions, Inc. a Terracon Company TX Consultant Affiliate
Darren Pyke Stantec Consulting Ltd. ON Quality Assurance Observer
Hunter Ramsey University of Oklahoma OK Student
Jennifer Reymundi USG Company FL Industry Affiliate
Gerald Ripple Archdiocese of Seattle WA Facility Manager
India Rolfe NW Professional Roofing Services Inc. WA Consultant
Richard Roof Engineering Design & Testing Corp. SC Consultant
Daniel Sanders Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
Ryan Schlei V&F Roof Consulting & Service WI Consultant
Matthew Schofield Facility Engineering Associates PC VA Consultant
Carol Shepherd NTH Consultants Ltd. MI Quality Assurance Observer
Andrew Singeltary Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. TX Consultant
E. Paul Smause Atlantic & Caribbean Roof Consulting LLC FL Consultant
Gene Smith AAA Roofing By Gene, Inc. CA Industry
Todd Smith RJH & Associates, Inc. NC Consultant Affiliate
Myles Sosnoff Metal-Era, Inc. WI Industry Affiliate
Jose Sousa   MA Quality Assurance Observer
Thomas Spanley Prologis CA Industry
Rick St. Hilaire Maine Roof Consulting Inc. ME Industry
Joel Stanley Anchor Products TX Industry
Sean Stuart   TX Quality Assurance Observer
Thomas Susko The Home Plaster Shop Inc. CA Industry
Jose Tavera Walker Restoration Consultants TX Consultant Affiliate
Jason Taylor IRC Building Sciences Group AB Quality Assurance Observer
Jennifer Thomas Roofing by Fred Gross Construction LLC NJ Industry
Ellen Thorp EPDM Roofing Association DC Associate
Luis Torres Roofmaster International S.A. de C.V. Queretaro, Mexico Consultant
Saul Torres White Lodging Services IN Facility Manager
Megan Toumanios Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. DC Consultant Affiliate
Sam Treakle Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
Robert van Dijk Alliance Residential Company CA Associate
Jorge Virgin Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
Adam Walker Potomac Exteriors LLC VA Industry
Doug Weaver SWD Urethane AZ Industry
Kim West Roof Consulting Services, Inc. VA Consultant
Michael Wheeler Christian Wheeler Engineering CA Consultant
James Willits GAF Materials Corp. WA Industry
Barbara Wilt BLUEFIN LLC VA Consultant
Brian Wooten ATC Group Services MI Quality Assurance Observer
Yeo Beom Yoon North Carolina State University NC Student
Chad Zielinski J.S. Held LLC TX Consultant Affiliate