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Publishing and Speaking Opportunities

Become an Educator for the Building Enclosure Consulting Community

IIBEC offers members a myriad of opportunities for professional enrichment. One of the most rewarding includes becoming a speaker or technical paper author. You’ll add impressive points to your resume or curriculum vitae, but more importantly, you’ll become a contributor and industry leader expanding the collective knowledge of the industry.

Be an Author in Interface, IIBEC’s Technical Journal

RCI Interface AuthorInterface is a vital source of information for building enclosure and waterproofing specifiers. The acclaimed journal of IIBEC is distributed to over 3500 readers 11 times per year.

Read the IIBEC Interface Editorial Submissions Guide to learn more about important deadlines and the technical paper submittal process.

Refer inquiries, ideas, and article submissions to the association’s Assistant Director of Communications.

Become An Educational Speaker

Each year, IIBEC solicits abstracts for presentations to be given at the IIBEC annual International Convention and Trade Show and at the yearly Symposia on Building Envelope Technology. Read and respond to the calls for abstracts or papers.

Become an IIBEC Approved Instructor

RCI Technical Presentation Speaker

An approved instructor must be technically sound, experienced in the topic, and practicing in the field being taught. To assure a broad-based technical soundness, instructors should be RRCs for roof-related courses and RWCs for the waterproofing offerings. There may be exceptions if the individual is highly qualified in a specific segment being taught.

One must also be an effective educator. This involves delivery technique, subject-matter knowledge, and the ability to relate positively with the class. To be included on the list of IIBEC Approved Instructors, an individual must have taught on two different occasions with high student evaluations and have attended an IIBEC Train the Trainer program.

For more information on becoming an IIBEC approved instructor, contact IIBEC’s Director of Educational Services.

Be A Guest Speaker and Regional or Chapter Events

IIBEC Region and Chapter meetings provide forums for discussing important industry trends relevant to an area’s geography and unique business climate. Region directors and chapter presidents are frequently seeking guest speakers and technical program presenters. Contact these individuals directly for opportunities in your area. IIBEC Affiliated Chapters | IIBEC Regions