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Metal Roofing Games

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November 30, 2016

MCA logoAt METALCON, the largest international event for the metal construction industry, sponsored by the Metal Construction Association (MCA), teams of metal roofing construction experts compete in construction challenges. This year, the Battle Stars over Baltimore was held at Baltimore Convention Center October 26-27. In the two-day competition, five teams with two contestants each competed to split $5,000. Each battle took 15 to 30 minutes and required speed and accuracy to win. Contests


  • A screw gun battle, which required contestants to install 24 self-drilling screws four inches apart into 8-ft.-long steel purlins on an 8- x 8-ft. steel framework platform
  • A “Hug-a-Roof” battle, in which contestants installed 40 linear feet of factory-notched, zee-shaped sub-purlins on a mock-up ribbed metal roof paneled frame
  • A standing seam battle where the goal was to install a 16-in.-wide metal roof panel over factory-notched sub-purlins
  • A “Seam-It-Up” battle, with contestants operating a standing seam roof seamer over 16-in-wide metal roof panel seams
  • A “Let It Snow” battle, where contestants installed a mechanically attached snow retention system onto 16-in. metal roof panels

Judging was provided by the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA).