New Policy for IIBEC “Retired” Designation Holders

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February 20, 2019

RetirementIIBEC members in the “Retired” membership category can now place their designations in inactive status with the option to reactivate the designations within a period of three years. In the event there is a return to the workforce full time, this will avoid the need to reapply and retest. There will be no designation renewal fee required during this time frame; however, the allowance is contingent upon the annual submittal of at least half of the required Continuing Educational Hours (CEHs) for the respective designations. The “Retired” membership category must be renewed annually. Nonmembers are not eligible for this option.

The IIBEC “Retired” membership category is defined as follows:

Retired members shall be Consultant, Industry, Associate, or Affiliate members who are no longer engaged in income-producing activities. A member shall be eligible for Retired member status if he or she has been a continuous member in good standing with IIBEC for a period of 15 years, is at least 65 years of age, and has retired from active practice. For these purposes, “active practice” shall mean providing consulting services totaling more than 300 compensated hours in a given calendar year. Retired members shall have the rights and privileges of Consultant, Industry, Associate, or Affiliate members in accordance with the classification held at the time of application for a change in status.

Fees are as follows:

Consultant Industry Consultant Affiliate Industry  Affiliate Associate
$248.00 $293.00 $198.00 $243.00 $173.00

Please contact the IIBEC Registrations Department with any questions or interest in pursuing this option.

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