NYC Requires Sustainable Roofing Zones

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July 1, 2020
Midtown New York. By Royal Olive. Flickr.

All newly constructed buildings and all buildings undergoing a complete roof deck or roof assembly replacement in all five boroughs of New York City must now have a “sustainable roofing zone,” under Local Laws 92 and 94, which took effect in November. As part of the Climate Mobilization Act, this means a photovoltaic (PV) electricity generating system generating at least 4kW, a vegetative roof, or a combination of the two. Vertical or horizontal enlargements must also comply with these requirements. The legislation applies to all buildings, regardless of size. The new mandate is estimated to cost single-family builders $15,000 to $20,000 additional. The law provides exemptions for certain existing homes, such as those with very steep roofs. Cooperative and condo roof membrane replacements and patching projects are exempt. For more information, visit