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November 30, 2016

EDITOR’S NOTE: This series on industry associations and organizations is presented to better inform our readers about the various players in the building enclosure world. This month, we profile the Metal Roofing Alliance. (rev. 2023)


Metal Roofing Alliance

Representing the residential metal roofing industry in the United States and Canada, the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) is a nonprofit organization designed to help educate consumers about the many benefits of metal roofing. The main objective of MRA is to increase awareness of the beauty, durability, and money-saving advantages of quality metal roofing among homeowners, as well as to provide support to the residential metal roofing industry.

The MRA is supported by members, including metal roofing manufacturers (national and regional), suppliers, ancillary/accessory members, trade associations and media partnerships. In addition, MRA offers a robust membership for contractors and distributors. As industry leaders, MRA members work together to advocate for quality standards, provide education and support, and promote metal roofing as a more sustainable, better performing and longer-lasting solution for homeowners.

The share of residential metal roofing in the United States is climbing, rising from 12 percent in 2019 to 17 percent in 2021. Latest research shows the roofing market has grown overall, and metal is getting a bigger percentage of that share.

“MRA members represent true leaders in the industry. They are committed to not only their own success, but also to spearheading growth and innovation for the overall industry through their involvement,” said Renee Ramey, MRA executive director. “Their dedication is a big reason why the residential metal roofing market in the U.S. and Canada is making such tremendous gains.”



Visited by tens of thousands of homeowners every year, MRA offers more valuable content, videos, tools, education, information and resources via its social media sites and online at than ever before. MRA’s comprehensive Residential Metal Roofing Buyer’s Guide, available as a free download at, continues to be an extremely popular resource for homeowners as they decide what type of roof to put on their homes.


“Being a member of the MRA is an excellent way to build your reputation and support the growth of not only your own business, but the entire trade,” said Dick Bus, president of the MRA board of directors. “It’s a cost effective way for the industry to come together and reach more homeowners to promote the significant advantages of quality metal roofs.”

For more information about the MRA, please contact Executive Director Renee Ramey at or visit MRA at

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