Public Works Building Uses Roads as Design Motif

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September 1, 2020

A public works department in Bexar County, San Antonio, TX, has a unique approach to the design of various aspects of their new building. They’ve created a motif using “an abstracted map of the  major county roads,” which is repeated in various locations throughout the building. The motif appears on a perforated screen on the front of the building, which is illuminated at night. It also occurs as a wall mural, window decoration, and as carpet tiles. The 35,000-sq.-ft. project includes solid and perforated metal panels, stainless steel mesh, composite wood panels, and stone. The designing architect on this project was Marmon Mok LLP.

— Metal Construction News

Bexar County’s Public Works Department’s office building. Photo from Marmon Mok LLP.