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Enhancing Building Efficiency and Resilience with Solar-Reflective Walls

June 06, 2023

Feature Enhancing Building Efficiency And Resilience With Solar-Reflective Walls CITIES ARE TYPICALLY hotter than surrounding suburban and rural areas. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, daytime temperatures in urban areas are about 0.6°C to 3.9°C (1°F to 7°F) higher than temperatures in outlying areas, with nighttime temperatures about 1.1°C to 2.8°C (2°F to 5°F) […]

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Waterproofing Under Green (Garden) Roofs – Part 2 of 2

May 15, 2005

This is part two of a two-part series on waterproofing mem­branes under green (garden) roofs. The first part, published last month, traced the history of waterproofing membranes under plazas and earth-covered, below-grade spaces, and discussed the various types of waterproofing systems currently marketed and their advantages and disad­vantages for use under green roof systems. This part covers the attributes of candidate membranes and offers a list of minimum physical properties proposed to satisfy the specific needs for those membranes exposed to continuous moist environments, aggressive chemicals, root invasion, and abusive maintenance. Additionally, it dis­cusses failures and offers case studies to illustrate them.

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